back to the real world.

today was my first day in over two years that i can say “i went to work”. don’t get me wrong. i worked my ASS off the past almost two years taking care of my grandmother. so now that my schedule is going to be a bit crazy i have to really think about meal plans and preparing them. today was just a half day so i ate before going in and made a hearty dinner when i got home.


  • leftover tofu scramble
  • leftover rosemary potatoes
  • large dunkin donuts coffee (black with sugar)


  • 3 bean veggie chili
  • sweet potato chips
work in progress.

i basically had a bunch of things i wanted to use up so i made a veggie chili and a 3 bean chili all in one. i sauteed the onions, red bell pepper, zucchini & yellow squash until fork tender. added chili powder, oregano, salt & pepper. added one large can of fire roasted diced tomatoes & one large can of fire roasted whole tomatoes. added some frozen corn and chopped up 2 tofurky sausage links. (like i said… i’m trying to clean out the fridge). for the beans i used red kidney, black & cannelini beans. i let the chili simmer for 15 minutes & served. mom seamed to like it (except for the fake sausage). lots of leftovers which is great since i’ll be needing lunch tomorrow & friday!

nom nom. topped it off with daiya cheddar shreds & some salsa!

after dinner snack:

  • carrots – orange – apple juice ((from my juicer))

since i will be waking up at 5am the next two days… i won’t be blogging. maybe over the weekend but definitely not thursday, friday, monday or tuesday. i already made tomorrow’s lunch. for breakfast i plan on having a green smoothie. i’ll stop for coffee on my way to the office… for lunch i’ll be eating the remaining leftover rosemary potatoes AND a spinach salad with mock tuna salad (chickpea salad) on top. i’m also bringing a bag of my new favorite chips “rice works“. publix carries them & they say “vegan friendly” right on the front of the bag. works for me! just something to nibble on if i need it!

hope everyone has a great rest of the week & a wonderful weekend! happy eating. 🙂


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