july food staycation

my girlfriend came back to town from her job (which is in europe at the moment) and we’ve been having a delicious staycation all over south florida!

july 01:

we traveled to christopher’s kitchen for brunch/lunch! i ordered a sushi roll, fresh juice and an assortment of goodies!

avocado roll
raw pancakes “brunch”
raw treats from christophers kitchen

of course EVERYTHING was amazing as per usual. the hot kitchen is open and i can’t wait to try it! i love christopher’s kitchen!!!! just wish i lived closer.

we had dinner with nikki’s parents at tijauana taxi company. i ordered my usual veggie fajitas (no sour cream, no cheese, add extra guacamole and refried beans) YUM. split the order with my girlfriend. good choice after our huge lunch!

veggie fajitas

july 02:

met up with some friends at the yard house in aventura. although i don’t LOVE that the gardein meals are so high in calories, out of convenience for my non-veggie friends, we ate there!

orange chickn at yard house

july 04:

vegan friendly bbq for 4th of july!

nikki’s family held a family bbq for the 4th of july. we made some vegan cole slaw, potato salad, and vegan pigs in a blanket. nikki’s sister brought amazing veggie burgers (made from scratch) and a raw hummus dip. nikki’s cousins brought some zucchini casserole & hemp / chia chocolate chip cookies! YUMMMMM. everything was so good. we totally pigged out!

homemade vegan potato salad & cole slaw

july 05:

we enjoyed a lovely evening at sublime in fort lauderdale. we ordered drinks (one glass of reisling for me) and appetizers.

drinks and appetizers at sublime!
steamed dumplings at sublime
frito misto at sublime

we ordered steamed dumplings & frito misto for appetizers. both were okay. dessert is what made the meal. decide to try the keylime cheesecake. it was delish. i guess that’s the one thing sublime is GREAT with. dessert!

keylime cheesecake at sublime

july 06:

since nikki left for europe ON my birthday (may 14th) i cancelled my birthday celebration. nikki surprised me with an un-birthday dinner. including a vegan birthday cake. MY FIRST ONE EVER! i’ve always just ordered dessert wherever i dine on my birthday…. never had an entire birthday cake! (not since going vegan anyway!) she ordered the 3 in 1 (strawberry) cake from bunnie cakes. a few friends helped us celebrate at sushi room in downtown hollywood. i ordered crispy bok choy and some veggie sushi! the food was decent. (i miss california veggie sushi)

veggie appetizer at sushi house
sushi dinner at sushi house
vegan cup cakes!
(be-lated) birthday cake from bunnie cakes!

i have to be honest, the cupcakes aren’t my favorite. no matter what flavor i eat, they all taste the same… all i taste is sugar. however, the cake is PHENOMENAL. best cake (vegan or not) that i’ve ever put in my mouth. oh my gawd it’s good. and it will now be tradition every year. nom nom nom nom nom nom!

july 07:

green wave cafe

quick bite for lunch at greenwave cafe! tried the salsa, guacamole & chips. so so so so good. we both had the vegan cheeseburger as usual. delish. and then we went to the movies. (with leftover cake in my bag instead of candy or popcorn!) he he he.

july 08:

today we ventured up to darbster (our favorite) for brunch. (my first time). so so so so so good. but that was to be expected!

brunch quesadilla
challah french toast
eggplant bacon

we ordered the challah french toast, brunch quesadilla and a side of eggplant bacon. everything was amazing. i loved both meals equally. the quesadilla had tofu scramble, breakfast potatoes & daiya inside topped with sour cream & guacamole. OH EM GEE amazing. the challah french toast was yummy banana goodness. i loved every bite. i need to move to palm beach. i saw a house for sale across the street. i think i need to live there. lol.

for dinner we decided to stay in and make some grub. nikki picked spaghetti so i made some mock meatballs. it was a fabulous home cooked meal!

“meatballs” and spaghetti with pomodoro sauce!
dinner salad
dinner at home

the meatballs are super easy. gimme lean ground beef, mustard, ketchup, breadcrumbs, soy sauce, garlic, pepper, oregano and a splash of liquid smoke. baked in the oven (350) for 17 minutes, turning once. topped with pomodoro sauce & daiya mozzarella. YUMMMM. everything was super yummy!

we still have a few more days of our food staycation…. so i’m sure there will be a part two to this blog post!


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