rawsome cheesecake!

i get lots of fun emails from vegnews, vegweb, vegetarian times, blah blah blah the usual vegan foodie emails. but i came across a recipe this week that stood out. i’ve been attempting to eat smaller portions, cut out sugar and eat as healthy as possible since nikki left so a raw cheesecake was just what i’ve been looking for!

raw cashew cheesecake (recipe here)

raw cashew cheesecake with berries!

it was very easy to prepare (just beware you have 4 hours of soaking time!!!). i had to call my mom and have her soak the cashews & macadamia nuts for me since i was at work! i didn’t have any limes (or lemons for that matter) so the cashew filling was like a raw cashew butter. probably a bit more dense than it should have been. and instead of the vanilla bean i used vanilla extract. (trying to be frugal here!) for the toppings i put 8 strawberries in the blender with a splash of coconut water & some agave nectar. poured on top of the “cheesecake” and then topped with fresh organic raspberries and blueberries & sprinkled with coconut! YUMMMM.

raw “cheesecake”

i feel so much better eating a raw dessert rather than a pint of coconut ice cream or vegan cookies. a lot less guilt. and so many healthful ingredients!




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