another dinner at darbster!

man i love this restaurant. i have yet to find a dish i don’t like. tonight i brought my friend ari on our way to the dave mathews concert in palm beach! (GREAT EXCUSE TO STOP AT DARBSTER BTW!!!)

we started with the nachos – i do believe it’s my new favorite appetizer. ari enjoyed them! (thank g-d! i’m always worried what the meat eaters will think.)

vegan nachos

for entrees i suggested he NOT try a fake meat dish because gardein sometimes is a bit too chewy and let’s be honest… most fake meat products don’t taste (or feel) like real meat. which is fine with me because i never cared for meat, but it might turn the avid meat eaters off from trying vegan food. so he went with the palm cakes entree! probably the best entree on the menu! he liked it a lot! yay! i ordered the quinoa loaf served with mashed potatoes and asparagus. sooooooooooo good! how have i not tried this before!?!?! new favorite meal there i do believe!

quinoa loaf


dinner was so delicious. i was THRILLED that ari enjoyed his vegan meal. what a fantastic night! and dave mathews was amazing as usual! can’t wait for my next concert at cruzan so i can stop in for dinner at darbster!

beautiful evening for dinner at darbster & concert at cruzan!


8020 South Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
(561) 586-2622



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