comfort food kind of a day…

i felt sad for some reason all day today… and all i wanted to eat was junk. first it was dun-well doughnuts (i think i might have to unlike them on facebook – it’s just too depressing not being able to go grab doughnuts whenever i please). then i wanted an ice cream sundae from lula’s apothecary. and for whatever reason… biscuits and gravy also somehow came into the mix. so for dinner i decided to do something for myself… you know try to self medicate my blues.

my comfort food breakfast for dinner!

i made tofu scramble with biscuits & gravy for dinner. (even gave a small portion to mom even though she had already eaten – she loved it!) biscuits and gravy will probably be my last meal if i’m given the chance.

i found out this afternoon that it’s national ice cream day. so i figured maybe that was why i was craving it all day! so i bought some butter pecan dairy free ice cream and topped it with some chopped pecans & real maple syrup. YUMMMM. love me some comfort food!!!!


not the healthiest day, but sometimes you just have to give your body what it asks for.

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