kitty sitting and cooking my heart out!

phew. two part time jobs + photography gigs = lack of blogging time. my girlfriend’s parents went on vacation so i’m house / kitty sitting. yay for a quiet kitchen! so i’ve been cooking my heart out the past few days. feels great to be cooking again!

spinach dip fun!

i found this recipe online and decided i was in the mood for spinach dip. and apparently sauerkraut is an eastern european staple (per my grandmother) so i figured i’d embrace it since i NEVER eat it. this recipe was super easy and quite delicious. tangy and wonderful. i also made some “velveeta” and salsa with the cheddar daiya wedge. WOWIEEEEE! so good. carrots & rice chips for the crudites! yum!

vegan velveeta!

yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum!
yum yum yum yum yum!
yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum!

dinner for one!

last night i decided it was time to try a recipe that my friend so kindly shared with me via my facebook wall. oh she glows is probably my all time favorite vegan blog. she’s amazing. her recipes are amazing. and so is her food photography! definitely a huge inspiration! the recipe is similar to banana soft serve i’d made before… but in addition to banana & peanut butter… she adds PRESERVES! peanut butter jelly ice cream????? YES PLEASE! i’m NEVER buying store bought “ice cream” anymore. pssssssh!

PBJ soft serve ingredients
frozen bananas = base
with blueberry preserves before the freezer!
after a few hours in the freezer! YAY! healthy PBJ ice cream!

it was amazing right out of the blender, but frozen, it’s even yummier. ice cream is my biggest weakness. welcome to my newest addiction. at least it’s a healthy one! thank you so much oh she glows! YOU ROCK!

while the ice cream was freezing i decided to make some real dinner. another oh she glows recipe. spicy bbq chickpea burgers! can you say YUM?!?!? fairly easy to make. easy ingredients. lots of delicious flavors! WOW!

red onion * red bell pepper * garlic * carrot
mashing brown rice with chickpeas….
chickpea burgers in progress!
dinner is ready! get in muh bellyyyyyy!

if you haven’t checked out oh she glows, what are you waiting for? i can’t wait for her book to come out! woot woot!

i’m so happy to have alone time in a beautiful kitchen! happy sunday everyone!

my cuddle buddy chad!
this is willow. she hates my guts.


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