a day in the kitchen & preparing for a hurricane!

i woke up feeling kind of funny today. ended up calling out of work because i almost fainted. time to start cooking and eating better again. no more fast food (pollo tropical, publix subs, chipotle, etc). if i had the time (and my dehydrator out of storage) i would go 99% raw… but right now with my hectic schedule i just don’t think it is possible.

i slept most of the morning. made a carrot colada for breakfast. what is a carrot colada you ask? it’s the brilliant juice i had back in 2008 and again on my way home from key west at the famous good food conspiracy in big pine key. i wanted to recreate their delicious concoction so i brought home a bottle of the coconut juice they use! yummmm!

10 juiced carrots + coconut juice = carrot colada

i’m officially an addict. this is seriously the yummiest juice ever. super easy. super yum. super healthy.

i made some pasta for lunch (at 6am before i was suppose to leave for work) and ended up eating it for breakfast. i used spinach fettuccine noodles, earth balance, fresh spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes and nutritional yeast. pretty yummy, quick and totally easy!

my work lunch became breakfast

i took a trip to whole foods to stock up for the next few days. apparently hurricane isaac is headed towards south florida. so just in case we lose power (which is always a possibility) i need to be prepared. eating vegan isn’t so easy without a working fridge.

hurricane shopping list

  • rice chips
  • peanut butter filled pretzels
  • canned cannellini beans
  • cashew & almond butter
  • apricot preserves
  • five grain bread
  • bananas
  • quinoa pastas
  • jarred spaghetti sauce
  • garlic
  • kind bars
  • museli

if needed i can make chickpea salad sammies (use up the veganaise before it goes bad in the event of a power outage). i can also make PBJ sammies. the cannellini beans & garlic will make a great bean dip i can dip the rice chips in. luckily we have a gas stove so i can make pasta & sauce. museli is great for breakfast & rice milk doesn’t have to be cold! plenty of snacks also! my mom picked up a couple of dry soups where you just add water (they are vegan) so i  have those as well. and there are lots of veggies in the fridge to use up! we have plenty of water in the house already as my parents are bottled water drinkers. gallon water jugs are good for hot showers after a bad storm if the faucet water is compromised or no hot water from the power being out. just put the gallon jugs on the dashboard of your car for a few hours in the sun… and tadaaa you have hot bath / shower water. trust me. i’ve done this!

i don’t think the hurricane will be much of an issue, but i need to be prepared in case the area is affected.

for dinner i decided to try some recipes from oh she glows that i’ve been meaning to make. roasted tomato pizza and her speedy summer protein salad! oh.my.gawd. so delicious there aren’t even words to describe it!


i am obsessed with this salad. i love hemp anything… and avocado dressing… and fresh summer veggies. heck yeah!

speedy summer hemp power salad!

my mom tried a little and liked it too. really simple ingredients & quick to throw together! i love it. i think next time instead of the dill i might use cilantro!

the pizza is another winner. i felt like indulging, but didn’t want the heavy crust. so i was thinking thin crust pizza but then i came across this oh she glows recipe and i freaked! pizza on a tortilla? yes please! cashew basil cheeze? uh YESSSSSSSS! roasted heirloom tomatoes?!?!?! OMG GET IN MUH BELLY ALREADY!

heirloom cherry tomatoes tossed with olive oil & balsamic vinegar

the flavors all work so well together. i can’t even put into words how delish this recipe is… you’ll have to try it for yourself. i urge every pizza monster out there to try making this… it might be life changing! oh she glows is probably my all time favorite vegan food blog. you should definitely check her out if you haven’t already.

Roasted Tomato Pizza with Basil Cashew Cheeze
sorry pug MOMMY’s pizza!

it felt really great to be back in the kitchen today… still feeling a bit strange but it might be the caffeine withdrawals. i haven’t had any since tuesday! yikes. hoping to feel back to normal tomorrow. i might have to have that cup of coffee to get me through my 8 hours at work.


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