a love affair with pinterest

i’ve been addicted to pinterest for quite some time… so many delicious looking recipes floating around those parts but a majority of them are not vegan. (well unless you follow only vegnews & other vegan pinners!) so i’ve been pinning recipe ideas that i want to make vegan. this week i decided to try a few. a whole lot of nom is going on….

pear, raspberry & “bacon” grilled cheese sandwich
found on pinterest (click here for original blog post)

this recipe was already vegan! a super easy (but quite messy) grilled “cheese” sandwich. the nom factor was off the charts though. totally worth the ooey gooey mess! click on the link above for the recipe! my only changes to the recipe was the bread – i used rudi’s instead of rye bread and instead of a standard pear i used an asian pear. YUM!

ingredients (sans asian pear)
grilled cheese!

oh.my.nom. i swear i TRIED to make it look pretty. it was so messy! such a delicious mess though! GET IN MUH BELLY!


did you know it’s fall? i can’t really tell since i live in the sauna that is south florida. it’s always hot here. we might get two chilly weeks a year if we’re lucky. so yeah, i’m not feeling fall-ish right now. palm tree leaves don’t turn orange or yellow unless they’re diseased. so pumpkin everything is bombarding me lately… and i’m in the middle of a caffeine detox so i can’t make a pumpkin latte (and NO, starbucks pumpkin latte is NOT vegan. most starbucks syrups contain milk… sadly my two favorites white chocolate & pumpkin spice are not vegan). so i found this recipe on pinterest and made it vegan.

pumpkin oatmeal
(original recipe found here)

i skipped the egg whites obviously! this was a super easy recipe and miyagi loves it too! next time i might use almond milk instead of water to make it richer! i don’t eat oatmeal very often but this one is pretty nom.

pumpkin oatmeal

i have some reallllllllllllllllllllllly yummy looking recipes to make today and tomorrow… but we’ll save those for another blog post!


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