chicago foodcation day one

i’ve had a very long day but couldn’t wait to share my food adventures thus far in chicago. i seriously love this city almost as much as NYC. almost.

my morning started out with some hummus and pretzels at the airport. i wasn’t prepared at all this week for traveling so i had nothing at the house to bring with me on the plane. fort lauderdale airport is most definitely lacking in the food department.

when i got to detroit for my hour long layover i found a mediterranean place that also boasted a juice bar. i picked up some grape leaves with a side of hummus and had a juice. beet, carrot, apple, orange juice. YUM.

juice bar at DMA! score!!!

so happy i was able to order fresh juice instead of a processed “juice” full of sugars and artificial crap! thanks detroit!

i arrived safely in chicago. exhausted and starving. but so full of happiness to see my best friend rachie!

* best friends *

we had an extremely late lunch at handlebar in wicker park. we had brunch there during my last visit and i loved it. today’s experience was also pretty delish!


i had these fried pickles with BRUNCH the last time i was here. just because i had to try them. they are probably one of my top 5 favorite foods on the planet. so nom.

buffalo “chicken” wrap

rachel and i decided to split two entrees since we couldn’t decide between the two. we ordered the buffalo “chicken” wrap with a side of collard greens and the fried avocado tacos. YUM. both dishes were well executed. the collard greens were super garlicky which we love! the slaw on the tacos made the dish. the fried avocado was sort of hard to detect… so the slaw definitely stood out.

fried avocado tacos

rachel mistakenly opened up the dessert menu and i saw “fried PBJ pie”. um i don’t know what a “fried pie” is but PBJ anything needs to be in my belly. so i ordered it. and it was phenom. fried pickles and fried pie. done.


it’s been a while since i’ve had any dessert at a restaurant. i’m promising myself i won’t overdo it but knowing i’ll be eating at chicago diner at least once before i leave…. i HAVE to have a butterfinger shake. so maybe one more sugary “dessert” before i leave.

it is so refreshing being able to enjoy a vegan meal at a restaurant. south florida definitely needs some more vegan restaurants. as much as i ADORE darbster and christopher’s kitchen, i can’t be driving an hour just for dinner on a weekly basis. broward and dade county need to step up their game with the vegan scene.

thank you chicago. i’m going to love every delicious moment i spend here!


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