chicago foodcation continued…

day two was a fun filled but very busy day. i started the morning out eating ketchup potato chips that my best friend rachel’s fiance brought from canada. i’m a bit obsessed with ketchup chips. LOVE them. not the  healthiest way to start my day… ech. but it’s vacation, right? we wandered around downtown taking engagement photos and i never had a chance to really sit down and eat… so i pretty much pigged out at dinner!

we went to a really cool restaurant called uncommon ground. i started with a seasonal salad that had roasted butternut squash and candied walnuts over spicy mixed greens (86-ed the cheese). super delish.

uncommon ground

for an appetizer to share with everyone i ordered the bean dip / hummus which was wonderful. they served it with pickled cucumber salad and pita chips. totally wonderful appetizer!

white & black bean dip with pita chips & pickled cucumbers
uncommon ground

for the entree (yes i was STILL starving after the appetizer and salad!) i ordered the vegan polenta lasagna. instead of lasagna noodles they used polenta. totally genius. totally amazing. so so so so so good. i really love this restaurant. totally vegan friendly! everything i tried was really yummy. i can’t wait for the day florida gets this innovative and friendly to vegan patrons.

saturday was another busy day but i made more time to fuel myself with food. for breakfast i walked a few blocks to cafe mustache. total hipster joint but hipsters love vegan stuff so cafe mustache it is. i ordered a soy pumpkin latte and a scone. everything was really good. yes, i cheated. i had a coffee. but in order to be productive with the lack of sleep i’ve had the past week…. i need the boost. it won’t become a habit again.

vegan scone & latte

another day downtown / navy pier / art museums taking engagement photos. we found a hot dog stand with veggie dogs “chicago style” OMG it was awesome. so happy i got to experience the chicago style veggie dog! so so good!

chicago style veggie dog

“chicago style” = poppy seed bun, relish, mustard, onions, tomato, pickle and peppers! um heck yeah. now i need to go home and find poppy seed hot dog buns! love!!!!!!

as part of the chicago tourist experience we ventured to the signature room. the views were spectacular… even from the ladies room!

view from the signature room! 96th floor. hello chicago!

pineapple mimosa? yes please! it’s been a long day of picture taking!


for dinner rachel & her fiance took his parents to have some chicago style pizza (not vegan friendly) so i met up with my friend hamid for some delish vegan noms at chicago diner. yay!!!!!! i love hamid AND chicago diner so my night was complete!

me and my handsome dinner date! ❤

i had the waiter choose from three different options because i couldn’t choose. he did good. i had the vegan salisbury steak served with mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts. mmmmmmmmm. nom nom nom. everyone knows i am in love with brussel sprouts! i also had a beer… i told our awesome waiter that i love shock top and he picked out a similar beer from their menu. 312 i believe it was called. woop woop. it was tasty. i can’t believe my taste buds have finally allowed to enjoy beer. it’s a totally new experience for me, as i’ve always been a liquor girl.

chicago diner – dinner

instead of dessert i ordered a peanut butter cookie dough shake to go. it was 30 something degrees out but who cares!?!?! i have been pretty good lately and i wanted a shake! 😉 i need more chicago diner in my life. perhaps it’s time to pull out that cookbook i bought last time and try making some of their delicious recipes myself!

on sunday i got stuck at the airport for a while… so i got some snacks at the cibo at ohare and sat tight until i finally got on the third flight to detroit. the carrot “tuna” salad was really interesting. same idea as the chickpea salad i always make but carrots instead. weird. i don’t know that i’d buy it again. i’ve been a hummus eating machine lately….

airport snacks! love cibo!

dear chicago, i love you and  your vegan friendly ways. can’t wait to come back and visit again.


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