detroit does vegan

and does it fairly well.

juice bar at the airport (check). veggie restaurants near downtown (check). chipotle not too far in the burbs (check). i’m a happy vegan girl.

not to mention that all of my friends were texting and emailing me asking what to have available for me in their fridges! πŸ˜‰ bananas & hummus. but not together. ha ha.

seva – midtown detroit

decided to try seva since all the reviews seemed really great! only a few blocks from my friends loft in midtown! awesome. πŸ˜€

kale salad

we started out with a kale salad. it had carrots, butternut squash, red peppers & a peanut-cider marinade. pretty good. had i made it myself i would have let it marinate a bit longer as it was on the crunchier side, but it was still pretty tasty. πŸ˜€

watermelon juice

for whatever reason i keep hearing about watermelon juice. seva has a juicer. and watermelon. so i ordered some watermelon juice. i like it better than eating watermelon for sure. really really great juice!

split pea soup

it’s freezing out. i spent the morning half naked in abandoned buildings doing photo shoots with my photographer friend… so i needed some warming up. split pea soup? yes please. it was tasty and it warmed me up.

stir fry

for the entree i ordered cilantro-peanut stir fry. oh em gee. super super good. so good that lauren ordered one to go to bring home to her fiance! the stir fry was full of broccoli, red & yellow peppers, mung sprouts, green onions, carrots, brown rice, peanuts and a cilantro-peanut ginger lime sauce. WOW. lauren ordered a tempeh sandwich of some sort with sweet potato fries. the fries were incredible. we think they might have been better than blossom’s sweet potato fries. *gasp* detroit does vegan well. LOVE it.

we were super stuffed but i had to try dessert. i brought home a coconut orange bread pudding and it did not disappoint. yum. was the perfect snack while catching up on homeland back at lauren’s loft!

orange coconut bread pudding

i’m really excited to come back to detroit and someday possibly live there. i love this city so much. and there is a whole foods being built right behind lauren’s loft. how amazing is that? hmmmmm. you are on my radar detroit. i might just come back and stay for a while…. πŸ˜‰

downtown detroit

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