sicky poo!

i’ve been working like a mad woman. (bartending at an awesome local watering hole on the beach) my overtime and lack of nutritious foods caught up with me and i ended up getting strep throat. it’s my body’s way of saying slow down & feed me! 😉 so the past 24 hours i’ve been resting and eating more nutritious foods. it’s hard working 15 hours and not being able to eat a meal. i’ve been living off of THESE soups the past few weeks with an occasional coffee, banana or oatmeal as well. not very healthy at all. 😦 so after visiting the clinic for some antibiotics (yes my throat was THAT bad – i NEVER take meds!) i stopped by whole foods to get the other medicine…. fruits and veggies!

chick-un noodle soup

my absolute favorite thing i like to eat when i’m sick is my chick-un noodle soup. i have no idea where i learned this recipe from but i’ve been making it every time i’m sick in the past 6 years… it’s super easy to throw together!

-ramen noodles (minus the seasoning packet)
-vegan broth (i use better than bouillon no chicken)
-chopped onions, carrots, celery, bok choy
-dry herbs of your choice (oregano, salt, pepper, turmeric, thyme, sage, bay leaves)
-nutritional yeast

you can either saute the veggies first or just throw them into the pot of broth. totally your call. once the broth and veggies are boiling add the ramen noodles and cook until tender. super easy, right? this is the only good part about being sick. eating my favorite sick soup. 😉

my throat was bothering me (i declined to take the lidocane the doctor offered me) so i whipped up some healthy “ice cream” in my vitamix.

PBJ banana ice cream

2 frozen bananas, scoop of cashew butter & apricot preserves = PBJ ice cream. well actually it would be CBJ (cashew butter jelly) ha ha. it was good and made my throat feel better for a bit!

i also purchased a bunch of frozen fruit and some fresh spinach to make smoothies this week. i need to get back in my smoothie habit. E V E R Y  D A Y !! !! !! that would totally kick my immune system up a notch. 😀

for dinner i was craving something other than soup which is a great sign that i’m feeling better. (when i’m sick all i want is soup) i’m out of bagels or any type of bread for sammies so i used some tortillas that i have leftover from my soft taco obsession the past few weeks. i melted some shredded jack daiya on the tortillas and put them in the oven until melty while i prepared my chickpea salad.

-2 cans chickpeas, rinsed (goya is my favorite brand)
-spicy brown mustard
-diced celery, onion, carrot
-salt & pepper
-vegan mayo

mash the chickpeas in a large bowl. add all other ingredients and mix well. wallah. you have chickpea or mock tuna salad. if you want it to taste seafoody you can always add kelp flakes or seaweed. i like mine sans fishy flavor!

i just added the chickpea salad to the melty daiya soft tacos and folded. super yum!

chickpea salad on soft tacos!

yum yum yum yum yum yum. i like my new version of a chickpea melt. less carbs than bread / bagels. hmmm. i think i’m on to something! 😉


i’m working on thanksgiving (yes, yes i am.) so i’ll be making a small meal a few days before thanksgiving instead. i’m also hoping my best friend from chicago comes to visit so i can make a feast. i have no one to cook for down here in sunny south florida as most of my friends down here aren’t into veggies.  looking forward to feeling better and spending a few hours in the kitchen this week!


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