a family tradition

when i lived in new york with grandma, we had waffles (or pancakes) every sunday for lunch. my mom requested that i make peanut butter waffles for new years. i’m a day late, but i honored her request this morning since i have the day off. i specifically pulled my waffle iron out of storage for this breakfast!

Coffee and Waffles
Coffee and Waffles

the recipe for the peanut butter waffles is from one of my favorite cookbooks. vegan brunch by isa chandra moskowitz. the recipe is super simple and delish. my parents gobbled their waffles up and both raved about them. the peanut butter flavor is subtle. i mostly taste the nutmeg. these waffles will become a family tradition in my house… it started with grandma… and now my parents…. looking forward to spending more time with the waffle iron this year! 😉

Peanut Butter Waffles
Peanut Butter Waffles

i also made one of my favorite quinoa recipes this morning. quinoa berry breakfast from chef roberto martin’s book, vegan cooking for carnivore’s. red quinoa, almond milk, pecans, blackberries, strawberries and dried cranberries! can you say yum????? i love this dish!

Berry Quinoa Breakfast
Berry Quinoa Breakfast

starting this new year out by eating delicious, healthy breakfasts and continuing my active lifestyle. i’ve started riding a bicycle 2-3 times per week… and i plan to start scheduling myself some more gym time. it’s time to start training for a 10k. 😀


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