vegan dinner night

many moons ago (2008-2010) i threw vegan dinner parties. all the time. feeding my friends is one of my favorite pastimes. i don’t have my own kitchen space so i like to invade my friends kitchens these days…. and i also put them to work!

vegan dinner night menu:

beet burgers (recipe from color me vegan)
carrot fries (also from color me vegan cookbook)
roasted brussel sprouts
potato salad (recipe posted below)

everything turned out amazing and we all had a wonderful evening! i also think i might have changed a die hard carnivore into LIKING vegan grub! he brought pork to grill, but ended up loving my dinner anyway! *pats self on back*

Dana & Jen helping me cooK!
Jen and Dana helping me cook!
brussel sprouts
brussel sprouts
carrot fries
carrot fries

the carrot fries are super easy. just peel and cut carrots into whatever wedge-like / fry-like shape you prefer. bake in oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes or until crispy. i toss mine in olive oil, salt, pepper and cumin. love.

vegan potato salad
vegan potato salad

this is the best potato salad i’ve ever made. true story. everyone loved it. nom.

potato salad
-vegan mayo (i use soy free veganaise)
-green onions, chopped
-celery, chopped
-potatoes, chopped into large chunks
(we used a variety of white & red)
-salt, pepper & paprika

boil the potatoes until tender. and then some. drain and let potatoes cool. combine all other ingredients. add potatoes and combine the yummy goodness all together. seriously. delicious. i couldn’t stop eating this.

beet burgers, carrot fries, roasted brussel sprouts and potato salad
beet burgers, carrot fries, roasted brussel sprouts and potato salad

dinner was DELICIOUS. i can’t wait to do this again! which friend will let me invade their kitchen next? 😉

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