another vegan-licious day…


  • carrot ginger soup from whole foods
carrot ginger soup
carrot ginger soup


  • hummus veggie wrap (roasted garlic hummus, eggplant salad, tomatoes, shredded carrot, red & green bell peppers, alfalfa sprouts on a whole wheat wrap)
wrap ingredients!
wrap ingredients!
hummus veggie wrap
hummus veggie wrap



  • vegan hot chocolate with sweet & sarah marshmallows!
vegan hot chocolate
vegan hot chocolate


  • vegetable samosas
  • aloo gobi
  • medu vada
indian dinner noms!
indian dinner noms!

my mom and i dined at a local indian joint not too far away from our hotel. we enjoyed every last bite. can’t go wrong with indian!

i missed day 10 of the green smoothie challenge due to lack of juice / smoothie bars in the area. to make up for it i plan on fasting for one day when i get home… nothing but smoothies for 24 hours. 😉 i need some sort of detox from all the pigging out i’ve been doing.



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