broccoli “cheese” soup and a kale salad

i cooked! i barely cook these days with my crazy work schedule. but i took some time out yesterday to make some nommy soup and a healthful kale salad. πŸ™‚

broccoli soup!
broccoli soup!

this soup is so easy to make! i sauteed onions in earth balance until brown… added chopped creamy white potatoes & fresh broccoli & plain rice milk with some better than bouillon “no chicken” mixed in… salt, pepper and 1/2 cup of cashews that were soaked overnight… let it come to a simmer… when veggies got tender i took an immersion blender to it until it was super creamy. added nutritional yeast. topped with some cheddar daiya. NOM.


kale salads are my new favorite. massaged the greens with some avocado and let sit in the fridge to “marinate”. added shredded carrots, tomatoes, chickpeas, yellow bell peppers, and more avocado. i need to make more meals at home!

smoothie a day update coming soon! πŸ˜‰ life is busy as per usual.


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