when my best friend comes to town…

my best good friend, rachel decided to hop on a plane from chicago to defrost her bones in florida this week! yay for vegan food adventures. and we ate it all. moments after she landed we ended up at green bar & kitchen in fort lauderdale for coffee and lunchies!

Day One:


i am absolutely in love with green bar. definitely the best fort lauderdale has to offer in vegan cuisine. the weather was a tad gross, but rachel enjoyed sitting on the outdoor patio just for the fact that there is NOT snow on the ground and the weather is above 60 degrees. 😉 she enjoyed the coconut grain bowl as i devoured my GBK burger… we both inhaled our brownies. delish. local panther coffee? yes please!  4 stars for green bar! you guys rock!

GBK Burger, Panther Coffee & Browniesssss! NOM.

we headed up to west palm beach to do some shopping… when we got hunger pains for dinner we headed over to christopher’s kitchen for dinner. i couldn’t let rachel NOT experience a CK dinner. OH MY NOM. best dinner ever.

carrot punch!
#1 NYC roll for appetizer

we started out with some carrot punch (carrots – apple – ginger) to quench our thirst! we sat outside and enjoyed the GORGEOUS weather… the fountain… and some people watching. we ordered several meals and split everything so rachel had a chance to try more than one thing! we started out with teh #1 NYC roll first of course. it’s my favorite thing on the menu. oh my nom was it phenomenal as per usual. LOVE it. kale – mango – almond pate – sprouts – red pepper in a spicy ginger chili sauce. it’s honestly the best sushi roll i’ve had. ever. anywhere. and i’ve had my fair share of vegan sushi rolls…

CK Tacos
CK Tacos

this might be the most flavorful item on the menu. so so so so so so so good!

tuna sammy
tuna salad sandwich

my personal favorite. capers, cashew cheese, walnut pate, pickles. it’s freaking delish. rachel loved it too. i can’t get enough of christopher’s kitchen. i want to eat it alllllllll! 😉

can't forget dessert!
can’t forget dessert!

as if we haven’t eaten enough… well hello… it’s nutrient dense food.  it’s ALL healthy here! swear, true story! our awesome server suggested the sundae with strawberries instead of bananas. it was fabulous. cashew/coconut based ice cream with deliciousness on top. i’m happy. we left with a box full of treats from the bakery as well. christopher’s kitchen is out of place here in florida. new york / california caliber dining in sunny south florida. i’m NOT complaining. 😀 keep on being amazing CK!

Day Two:

we woke up and made some coffee, preparing for a very long day of food adventures! i had barely any food in the house but somehow cooked up a tempeh scramble. sauteed zucchini, onion, carrots, tempeh, daiya cheese & soy bacon bits. i served it with a side of blueberries. i missed the spinach / kale aspect but the scramble was pretty tasty for not having many veggies in it.

while giving rachel the tour of fort lauderdale and hitting some local mom & pop shops like jezebel, we got hungry for lunch and headed to the fort lauderdale whole foods. salad bar was calling my name. found some beyond meat chicken salad in the salad bar. SCORE. i’m a happy vegan girl!

healthy salad for lunch!
healthy salad for lunch!
beyond meat - chicken!
beyond meat – chicken!

this beyond meat stuff tastes pretty darn good! it was a vegan greek salad – super yum. can’t wait to try out my own recipes with it. 😀

no vacation (or foodcation) is complete in south florida without a trip to darbster. it’s a hike from broward, but oh is it worth it. the ambiance. the staff. the menu. the food. it’s all amazing. and we took a special date with us to dinner.

pug date!
pug date!

miyagi dressed for the occasion. darbster loves dogs to dine with their humans! i was surprised to find the restaurant PACKED on a wednesday night at 8:30 pm. that makes me a happy vegan! i wanted to order one of everything but refrained. we started out with of course the palm cakes appetizer, the cheese plate which was on special and the stuffed avocado which was also a special. all of it was perfection. rachel proposed to the cheese.

appetizers. round one.
appetizers. round one.

somehow we managed to save room for entrees. we ordered the beef wellington which i have never tried and the special chicken cordon bleu. had i realized the beef wellington had mostly mushrooms in the dish i would have ordered the lentil loaf instead. (LOVE the lentil loaf) i loved the flavors but it was overwhelmed with mushrooms. so for a mushroom lover – go for it. it’s a super sophisticated dish. i’m NOT a mushroom person so i didn’t love it. the cordon bleu was phenomenal though. YUM.

dinner! round two.
dinner! round two.

and yet again… we somehow managed to squeeze dessert into our bellies. rachel had the chocolate cake craziness and i ordered the carrot cake. yum. on point. rachel is now engaged to her chocolate cake. we love vegan noms. best foodcation EVER.

dinner at darbster!
dinner at darbster!

now that rachel has experienced everything *good* that florida has to offer… it might be time to head back to chicago for me soon! i hear they are opening a babycakes. and a slew of other vegan friendly joints are popping up. i think rachie was pleasantly surprised at the caliber of vegan deliciousness south florida delivers. i only wish they were closer to broward county instead of an hour north. oh.. but some more good news. i hear that darbster is opening a new location in boca. LUCKY ME! 😉

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