vegancation. day one.

vegancation definition: a vegan person on a food vacation.

this vegancation happens to be in the mecca of vegan restaurants. this vegan girl is in heaven. full heart. full belly. full of smiles.

the wedding in yosemite was BEAUTIFUL. the ceremony was at glacier point which was SUPER gorgeous. the reception was at tenaya lodge where we were staying. everything was flawless. including the vegan entree i was served. (lucky for me the bride’s sister is also mainly veggie) i believe it was some sort of soba noodle stir fry with tofu. pretty darn good! i was just happy to be able to eat. i’ve been to several weddings where i’ve had nothing.

yosemite wedding!
yosemite wedding!

i woke up this morning and went for a short hike at mariposa grove in yosemite. saw a deer. left happy. the drive back to east bay is very scenic up until you this one highway and then it’s just concrete jungle. but that’s okay. i enjoyed the drive and the abundance of green beauty i experienced! after leaving yosemite i stopped in a small town at a starbucks for my usual latte, an original oatmeal & a fruit salad. great way to start off my morning drive!

breakfast on the go!
breakfast on the go!

when i rolled into oakland i was quite hungry so i stopped at ike’s lair in downtown oakland. AMAZING. i am IN LOVE with this place. the veggie menu can be altered vegan if you ask. i ordered the “captain kirk” which has vegan breaded “chicken”, zesty orange glaze, avocado, and pepperjack – they used daiya per my request to “veganize” it. i also got lettuce, tomato and pickles. on their most popular bread. something crunch??? sounded good. YUMMMMM. this sandwich was amazing and i can’t wait to go back and try all the others. it was just as crowded as the walnut creek location. so happy to see a vegan friendly company thriving.

yummmmm. captain kirk made vegan!

for the next 11 days i’m staying at an apartment i found on air b&b. it’s the cutest apartment EVER and it’s just 2 blocks from the apartment i lived in years ago. so i’m in a familiar neighborhood. walking distance to piedmont or telegraph. too bad i don’t have a bike! sad face.

apartment life
apartment life

for dinner i met my old pal marcella at homeroom. i think homeroom opened the month i was moving away to new york so i never tried it. they have one vegan mac and cheese on the menu which is good enough for me! i started out with the roasted brussel sprouts (hold the bacon) and a cider beer – DELISH.

Homeroom Vegan Mac & Cheese
homeroom vegan mac & cheese, brussel sprouts & gluten free cider beer

i ended up throwing the brussel sprouts into my vegan mac & cheese – which i ordered with caramelized onions & butternut squash – topped with breadcrumbs. it was yummers. no complaints here. and about a block away so i walked from the apartment. score. i don’t think i’ll go back again this trip only because there are a gazillion other places i have to try and/or visit again.

i need to move back here. asap. my heart is happiest in oakland. ❤


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