vegancation day 9

when i woke up this morning i knew i needed to move my body. so i got dressed and went for a run. run / walk really. 1.3 miles to the cemetery. i climbed all the way to the top hill at mountain view. took lots of fun panorama photos and a vine video. walked all around up and down the cemetery.

mountain view cemetery oakland, ca
mountain view cemetery
oakland, ca

it was a good hike. then i ran to starbucks, grabbed a latte and a juice and headed back to the apartment. 2.6 miles to and from the cemetery and then running around the cemetery (no idea what the distance was – but really steep inclines).

selfie during my walk home!
selfie during my walk home!

my breakfast consisted of: soy latte, green evolution drink, a green apple & water.

i spent the day with friends at lake merritt for the love our lake event. unfortunately there was a line about 30 people deep at the only vegan friendly food truck… and when we walked back by a half hour later they were out of food. ha! i needed to not eat too much today anyway.

and then i went for dinner with marcella (our last supper) and all hell broke loose. hey if i’m going to have one meal, i’m going to make that meal EPIC. and epic it was.

i’ve been dying to try the olde depot near jack london square since i got here! so worth the wait. everything was so awesome.

"chicken" tacos
“chicken” tacos

the tacos were by far our favorite thing. very flavorful. the guacamole was awesome and so was all the seasonings. really really well done!

potato salad
potato salad

the potato salad was good! a little too much mustard for my taste, but still really yummy. 🙂

pretzel with spicy mustard
pretzel with spicy mustard

the pretzel was a bit disappointing. i’m use to soft pretzels… this was hard to the point i almost needed a knife. really thick and chewy instead of light and fluffy. i think this recipe needs to be tweaked a bit. or perhaps cooked less? the flavor was good. the spicy mustard was good. just the texture / consistency needs some improvement.

"chicken" sliders
“chicken” sliders

nom nom nom nom. the chicken sliders were goooooooooooood. they come with a salad (which i didn’t touch – too healthy for this meal – ha ha ha) i ordered the mushrooms on the side because i loathe mushrooms. the sliders were delish. the sauteed onions on top were just right!

onion rings with ranch dressing
onion rings with ranch dressing

as if we didn’t already order enough food to eat… i ordered the onion rings because i just really felt like i needed to try them. boy were we glad i did. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. greasy and delicious as they should be. perfectly prepared. and the homemade ranch dressing was garlicky and super tasty! loved every bite.

bar food at its best!
bar food at its best!

the olde depot has a HUGE vegan beer selection. i’m not a huge beer drinker but i enjoy cider beer so i stuck with what i know. 🙂 this place is PERFECT for any beer enthusiast.

the staff was friendly and helpful and totally attentive. the bar was busy and the bartenders were on top of it. job well done. even the patrons were friendly, stopping to chat and ask about what we were eating and what not.

after reading all the yelp reviews i was a bit pissed off that people complained that there was vegan food (WHY ARE YOU GOING TO A VEGAN PUB IF YOU DON’T WANT VEGAN FOOD???????) or that the food was greasy (WHY ARE YOU ORDERING BAR FOOD AND EXPECTING IT TO BE ANYTHING ELSE?????????) bar food is suppose to be salty, greasy and comforting. and everything we tried was just that. perfect with our cider beers.

i couldn’t help but compare the olde depot to foodswings in brooklyn. another vegan junk food staple. i think the menu might be a bit more exciting at foodswings (potato skins, corn dogs, huge burgers topped with fakin bacon & seitan wings) but i think the olde depot has better quality food or does a better job executing it. as they mature i think they should add some more fun items to the menu… because what they do, they do well… they just need to offer more choices.

i absolutely loved the olde depot. i hope they succeed and stick around oakland for years to come.

no more foods. until tomorrow. i have a coffee date. a lunch date. and dinner plans. tomorrow is going to be a longggggggg day. 😉


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