vegancation day 10 & 11

day 10:

met my dear friend lindsay at peets in walnut creek for coffee. peets has a super yummy soy latte. totally enjoyed my coffee and our conversation!

for lunch i walked over to ikes in downtown walnut creek. my second visit to ikes on this vegancation! this time i ordered the pilgram (vegan style) and it was phenomenal.


vegan turkey & cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, siracha, and cranberry sauce. oh em gee people. if you haven’t tried ikes what are you waiting for?!?!??!

vegan pilgram on crunchy bread!
vegan pilgram on crunchy bread

after lunch i wandered around walnut creek before heading back to the BART station. i love that every time i eat in the bay i end up walking afterward. burn those crazy calories! 😉

for my last supper i went to sushiya on broadway near my neighborhood.we started out with an order of the edamame. what? boring you say? not at sushiya. their edamame is amazing. served cold with seasonings galore. pepper, garlic, i don’t even know what else. spicy deliciousness.

edamame sushiya style
edamame sushiya style

i always enjoyed their veggie rolls. that’s another reason i love california… they offer more than just an avocado or a veggie roll. they have a variety of veggie rolls to choose from!

vegetable tempura roll and yucatan roll
vegetable tempura roll and yucatan roll

i went with my all time favorite the yucatan roll… avocado, jalapeno, tomato, cilantro & scallion. YUMMMM. i also ordered the vegetable tempura roll which came out looking more like a sweet potato roll. i must say they really have gone down the toilet with service. my friend ordered 3 rolls with fish and the sushi chef put all of the rolls on one plate. including my veggie rolls. NOT OKAY. we sent it back and of course they didn’t remake my rolls. UGH. i hate being a pain but WHY would you put veggie rolls on the same plate – smushed together with fish? what is wrong with them? i know they’ve served vegans before. disappointing. all in all the meal was okay. love that yucatan roll. wish florida had more than just plain old veggie rolls.

day 11:

walked one mile to timeless coffee after finishing my laundry and packing. my last almond milk latte. i also splurged and ordered a raspberry jelly donut cake (just a slice). i saw them post a photo last night on facebook and i wanted it… so i ate it. and it was gooooooooooooooood.

love timeless lattes!
love timeless lattes!

i’m going to miss this place the most i think… i enjoy sipping my coffee while enjoying my book. le sigh.


after finishing up my breakfast i walked another 1.5 miles to the rockridge area. poked around in some of my favorite stores along college avenue. before heading back to the apartment i stopped in zachary’s pizza to order a vegan pie to go. (for lunch AND dinner) i can’t leave oakland without experiencing zachary’s! they just recently started offering daiya cheese on their menu.

perfect. pizza.
perfect. pizza.

so happy about that. the pizza was AWESOME. the veggies were cooked perfectly… not overdone like most places. their “thin” crust wasn’t cardboard like… the pizza was perfect. from the sauce to the daiya it was all perfection. i guess it’s a good thing i’m headed back to fort lauderdale where i have about 4 options to eat. 😉 if i stay here i might gain 100 pounds!

well friends, that concludes my vegancation in the bay area. back to fort lauderdale this evening on a red eye. it’s been amazing oakland. can’t wait to move home for good. ❤


2 thoughts on “vegancation day 10 & 11

  1. I enjoyed reading about your Vegancation! I live near Oakland (commute from San Leandro to Berkeley every day) but don’t eat out very often. Love most of the places you ate, and hopefully going to try Timeless this weekend!

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