busy busy me!

after my california foodcation i came home to a super busy schedule. i’m a server / bartender at a local restaurant — which keeps me busy… on top of my photo sessions (and then the never ending photo retouching & editing!). needless to say i have been too busy to blog. i’ve barely been cooking anyway. i think there was one week that i made homemade pizzas incessantly. there was a white pizza, a bbq beyond meat pizza and even a pepperoni too! om nom nom. pizza party for one!

white pizza with fresh tomatoes / pepperoni pizza
white pizza with fresh tomatoes / pepperoni pizza
bbq beyond meat pizza

other than that there has been no extreme kitchen action in my life. until today. this week i’ll be filling in at my old office job (construction company) since the office manager (who replaced me 6 years ago) is going on vacation. there is really nothing nearby for me to eat so i decided to prepare a few lunches (and dinners so i don’t have to cook every night) for the next few days.

i pulled out two of my dreena burton cookbooks and picked a few recipes – they came out AWESOME! i decided to try the nutty veggie burgers (which i turned into a loaf), the popcorn fries and corn chowder quinoa casserole. YUM.

nutty veggie loaf with popcorn fries
nutty veggie loaf with popcorn fries

instead of burgers i decided to make a loaf. (let them eat vegan cookbook) i added celery to the recipe as i would a traditional “meatloaf” dish. you can find the recipe here. the loaf was pretty darn good. okay but seriously… the popcorn fries… can we talk about those for a minute? i have been meaning to try that recipe for i don’t know… the last 4 or 5 years. (from the eat, drink & be vegan cookbook) i just never got around to it. OH MY GAWD whyyyyyyyyyy is this the first time i’m making these fries? they are phenomenal!!!!!!! so easy to make too! cut up some white potatoes – i used yukon golds with skin on. mix in coconut oil, turmeric & salt – bake for 55 minutes – toss fries with nutritional yeast and cook 5 more minutes. how freaking easy is that?!?! and so so so so so so good. my mother taste tested & approved. 😀

corn chowder quinoa casserole
corn chowder quinoa casserole

i also made the corn chowder quinoa casserole as a side dish. (recipe here) i omitted parsley – i hate parsley and rarely use it in any recipe. this dish was super flavorful. i really really like it. can’t wait to eat more tomorrow! also another easy peasy dish. basically just throwing all the ingredients into a casserole dish and baking it! nom to the nom. this recipe is from the let them eat vegan cookbook.

food for days
food for days

normally i am not a “cook ahead” type person. i am finicky about leftovers… but there will be no time in the next 3 days for much of anything besides work & gym time. i’ll also be making salads daily to bring for lunch as well. gotta have my greens. breakfast plan is museli with fresh strawberries and blueberries & almond milk. NOM. what’s in the ziplock bags you ask? earth balance cheese puffs. have you tried them yet? OH MY GAWD they are goooooooood! pre-portioned so i don’t inhale the entire bag in one sitting. ha ha. no i’m serious.

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