smoothie / salad challenge ~ day one

today started the challenge i’m doing with my friend rachel. she texted me a few days ago wanting to do some sort of smoothie / salad fast and needed some motivation. i took off with that and started a challenge for the two of us. so we are doing one week of drinking green smoothies and eating only salads. and no, potato salad does not count as a salad. πŸ˜‰ this challenge is happening at the perfect time. i’ve been eating like crap. i need a little reboot of healthy / clean eating.


green smoothie. kale, blueberries, green apple, cashews, coconut flakes, frozen mango, almond milk. this smoothie was super thick and sweet. i loved it. cashews in my morning smoothies make me happy! had to enjoy my smoothie goodness on my commute to work.

kale cashew smoothie!
kale cashew smoothie!


mixed green salad topped with chickpea salad, cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds & sprouts. so good! chickpea salad is probably my favorite thing ever.

yummy lunch!

i was worried i would be hungry after lunch and craving more substantial meals but so far so good! lunch filled me up and i had no cravings.


green smoothie. spinach, pear, plum, pineapple, coconut flakes, coconut water, frozen cherries. this smoothie was UH MAZINGGGGGGG. so delish.

senor miyagi approves!
senor miyagi approves!


black bean & tempeh salad. mixed baby greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, shredded carrots, and bacon tempeh. pretty good! next time i think i shall add fresh corn – just didn’t have any on hand.

dinner salad
dinner salad

overall day one was a success. no cravings. no hunger pains. excited to try out some fun salad recipes this week that i found online. yay!

2 thoughts on “smoothie / salad challenge ~ day one

  1. It went well for me too! I got pretty hungry after my afternoon smoothie, but I think I’ll add cashews tomorrow πŸ˜‰

  2. No reason for hunger pains, these are excellent meals!!!
    I think I need to make some more chickpea salad tomorrow.

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