smoothie / salad challenge ~ day five

breakfast: kale, spinach, green grapes, pear, pineapple, cashews, coconut water ice cubes & almond milk. super yum! i love the consistency of smoothies sans bananas!

good morning!
good morning!

i had to drink mine on the road as i’m working at my old office job today! 😉

lunch: leftovers again! i had that stone fruit & lentil salad that i made yesterday. soooooooooooooo good. i really reccomend you try it!

stone fruit & lentil salad (post punk kitchen recipe)
stone fruit & lentil salad (post punk kitchen recipe)

afternoon snack: green grapes (i realize grapes are not a smoothie / salad but i have no vitamix here at the office i’m working at so fruit it is! 😉 i also chowed down on some almonds!

dinner: i warned you yesterday that i was going out for dinner and sublime is not known for it’s salads. my friend rob and i ended up sharing an order of frito misto, the pretzel appetizer and each ordered the tacos! we split a key lime cheesecake for dessert — it was not that good. the meal was great. dessert was lacking. who makes tofu cheesecakes anymore? why not use vegan cream cheese instead?


my cheat night was TOTALLY worth it. yum. those tofu tacos were amazeballs. back on track tomorrow.


One thought on “smoothie / salad challenge ~ day five

  1. Cheating on Day Five?? Hmmmm. However, I think your lunch qualified. If you’d put the grapes and almonds in the same bowl it would have been a salad. 🙂

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