just keep cooking!

after my smoothie salad week i was craving some substantial meals! i found this bacon – guacamole grilled cheese sammy on pinterest and decided i needed it in my belly. so i made it vegan. and it was DELICIOUS!



i bought a fun loaf of bread at whole foods called “prairie bread” that ended up being pretty tasty! i cooked the tempeh bacon according to the package directions… then i made some standard guacamole. avocado – cilantro – garlic – lemon juice – salt & pepper. heated a pan, spread some earth balance on the bread, sliced up some havarti daiya, and assembled my sammies. i sliced up some tomato as well because i LOVE tomato on my grilled cheese sammies!  { bread – havarti daiya slice – cooked tempeh bacon – guacamole – slice tomato – bread } party in my mouth!!!!! this sammy was INCREDIBLY good! i loved it. next time i’ll use a heartier bread so i can bust out the panini maker! YESSSSSSSS!

for my next adventures in cooking i visited post punk kitchen (my all time favorite blog & cookbook author) for some inspiration. i decided i needed one new recipe and one old recipe. so i went with the chipotle mac & cheese with roasted brussel sprouts for a recipe i haven’t tried before. and the snobby joe recipe for my oldie but goodie.

the chipotle mac & cheese i had to tweak a bit since i forgot to buy the chipotles when i went grocery shopping. ooooops! so instead of the peppers i used a combination of chili & cayenne pepper! this dish was super amazing. the leftovers were a bit tricky to get creamy after the sauce had congealed in the fridge, but overall A+++++

chipotle-less mac & cheese with roasted brussel sprouts
chipotle-less mac & cheese with roasted brussel sprouts

i’m majorly obsesed with brussel sprouts… and cashew mac & cheese? yes please. this recipe was a home run. my mom thought it was too spicy, but i like clearing my sinuses once in a while! 😉 this is going to be a dish i make on the regular! you can find isa’s amazing recipe here.

tonight i made the snobby joes. i’ve made them many many times. veganomicon was one of the first vegan cookbooks i brought home in 2007. i remember making snobby joes way back then in my tiny apartment in wilton manors. tonight they were just as good as i remember!

green lentils - sorted & rinsed
green lentils – sorted & rinsed


onion & green peppers -- diced!
onion & green peppers — diced!


lentils cooking (back) onions & pepper & garlic & spices cooking (front)
lentils cooking (back) onions & pepper & garlic & spices cooking (front)


toasting the frozen whole wheat burger buns!
toasting the frozen whole wheat burger buns!


YUMMMMMMM! snobby joes!
YUMMMMMMM! snobby joes!

i’m really tired of staring at my computer at the moment (edited wedding photos alllllll dayyyyyy) so hope you enjoy the photos instead of how i actually made my dinner. it’s actually a VERY simple recipe, but full of flavor. my mom said it tastes like the filling for stuffed peppers. perhaps i’ll stuff some peppers tomorrow with the leftovers! ha!!!! you can find isa chandra moskowitz’s recipe for snobby joes here.

i really need to get back into the gym and start a detox again. i’ve been over eating and i feel so fluffy. no bueno. gym starts tomorrow!


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