soy free september

as you know i have been battling acne for what seems like my entire adult life. it started around 25 and no matter how i treat it, it never goes away. and i’m not talking a pimple here and there. i mean HUGE oil filled cysts. the kind that take up half your face. the kind you can’t pop. the kind that scar if you attempt to pop. it’s not pretty. so in an attempt to avoid these insane breakouts, i’m giving up soy. i’ve thought for years it might be contributing to the acne. one dermatologist i saw told me my acne was hormonal. soy has estrogen. estrogen is a hormone. i’m guessing soy is adding to the problem. so i’m going to see if eliminating soy helps out my skin.

the past few days i’ve been making soy free meals to test out and see if i can handle leaving out the tempeh, tofu & seitan. no more gardein. homemade veggie burgers from here on out. lots more juice and smoothies. let’s get this soy free party started!


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