day two ~ soy free september

adult. acne. sucks.
adult. acne. sucks.

i rarely leave the house without a thick layer of makeup caked on. i hate wearing it… but i feel like i have no choice. i am disgusted with my skin. this is why i’m eliminating soy. to see if maybe this is the culprit. my skin doesn’t even look that bad here. in the right light you can see every little bump… and there are TONS of them. blech.

i had a weird food day today. i slept in a bit… drank my normal french press of coffee… did a lot of photography work… cleaned… organized my dresser drawers… did 4 loads of laundry… vacuumed… took my selfie… played online… blah blah blah… and i’m kind of in dire need of some groceries. i promise i’ll go to the store tomorrow.

for lunch i cooked a spaghetti squash – this is a super easy vegetable to cook. all you do is cut the spaghetti squash in half length wise. place cut side down, in a glass casserole dish, filled with 1/2 inch of water. i cooked mine at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or so. when cool enough to handle (or just use an oven mitt) carefully slide a fork inside the squash, gently shredding the squash into a bowl. it should shred super easy. i added some soy free earth balance, nutritional yeast, pink salt & white pepper and topped with some havarti daiya cheese (which thank goodness is also soy free!). yummmmmmm-o! i thought i’d save 1/2 the squash for tomorrow’s lunch, but i was pretty hungry so i ate all of it. ha ha. like i said… weird food day for me.

iPhone Photo

as i’m typing up this blog i’m munching on some organic baby carrots dipped in hummus. not all hummus are created equal. sabra was an easy to find hummus that i use to enjoy but after checking the label last week, i realized they use soy oil. no bueno. so i opted for a local (better) brand of hummus instead. if i wanted to be really fancy i could make my own, but who has time for that? ha! 😉 i think i’m going to settle in and watch a movie tonight so i’m also going to make some popcorn… i’m an anti-microwave type of gal, so i buy whole kernels and pop them in my dutch oven pan in either coconut oil or olive oil depending on my mood. many times i’ll add garlic powder, salt & nutritional yeast.  i always bring my own popcorn to the movies too. i’m a dork like that.

i’m sorry day two of my soy free adventure was so boring. i’ll get my act together tomorrow! 😉





6 thoughts on “day two ~ soy free september

  1. Um, hummus is about the easiest thing to make in the world, and you know it. I give you the Lazy Award for today! But it’s okay, it’s a holiday. 🙂 And I still love you! ❤

  2. I actually had a lot of fun reading your post, full of random tips and recipes… I’ll definitely keep in mind the garlic powder for the popcorn and I so want to eat a spaghetti squash with all your fixings!

    1. i’ve tried to quit coffee a million times in the past but i figure it’s my one and only vice. and it makes me happy and helps me be a functioning member of society. without it i am a miserable person. 😦 i try to drink a lot of water to counter act the coffee. and i rarely drink coffee past noon or i have trouble sleeping at night!

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