day three ~ soy free september!

september 03 ~ day three of my soy free adventure

this morning i attempted to make my own pumpkin latte. i don’t own an espresso machine… so i added a tiny bit of boiling water to a lot of freshly ground coffee – pressed it – and poured into my mug. i heated some almond milk on the stove with canned pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon & a dash of sugar. i added the almond pumpkin mixture to the “espresso” and taddaaaaah. pumpkin latte. 😉 it was pretty good. next time i’ll add more pumpkin and less nutmeg. take that starbucks!

i didn’t eat much throughout the day… had some muesli for lunch – soaked in almond milk for 20 minutes and topped with banana, raspberries, blueberries and shredded coconut. yum!

museli with fresh fruit
museli with fresh fruit

i had a photo shoot at my favorite fort lauderdale vegan spot… was drooling over the bbq “chicken” sammy, the buffalo tempeh sammy & the cupcakes… but i refrained from eating anything or breaking my soy challenge. it was hard, but i’m determined.

i made some pizza for dinner. i love making dough from scratch. fun fun fun! i used this recipe for my dough. tonight i was lazy and i didn’t have a lot of fresh veggies on hand so my toppings were – tomato sauce, daiya cheddar / mozzarella, nutritional yeast, sliced tomatoes and some basil leaves. and that was about it. simple and delicious. soy free isn’t so hard after all.

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