soy free day four

day four of my soy free challenge ~ september 04, 2013

this morning i started my day with a smoothie. it was d-e-l-i-s-h !!-!!-!!

yum yum yum!
yum yum yum!

*green grapes
*green apple
*frozen blueberries
*almond milk

great way to start off my day. wednesdays are my monday. i have to go to work. meh. i scarfed down some cold leftover pizza on my way out the door.

i haven’t made it to the grocery store yet — for those of you that know me personally, you know why. for those of you who are new to my blog i’ll give you a little bit of background info — i am currently a server at a local restaurant (non vegan) and on my days off i work on my photography business. i’ve been saving literally every penny so i can purchase a new camera. i’m currently shooting with a canon 5d (bought in 2008). hopefully next week i’ll be getting my dream camera – the canon 5d mark iii. so now you know why i’m so broke and can’t afford to go grocery shopping. 😉 i guess it wasn’t the smartest idea to participate in vegan mofo when i have no dinero for food. ah well. i’ll make it work. month of soy free on a budget. ha!

when i got home from work i popped some potatoes in the oven. yukon golds. white potatoes. whatever you have. scrub em. dry em. cut em up however you like. toss em in coconut oil. top with some pink salt, nutritional yeast, black pepper & turmeric. put in a pre-heated oven at 415 degrees for 50 minutes. yummmmmmers. so good. this was my snack and i have leftovers for tomorrow. i was suppose to make a walnut apple lentil loaf with this but i don’t have all the ingredients i need. so potatoes it is.

french fries!
french fries!

for dinner i used my leftover pizza crust from yesterday — i can never make dough for one pizza. always make a double batch! 😉 helloOoOoOoOoOo i’m a pizza monster….. tonight was a poor vegans pizza. i used whatever i could find in the cabinets since i have limited selection in the fridge.


*can of whole plum tomatoes
*asparagus (fresh)
*daiya cheddar / mozzarella
*nutritional yeast
*minced garlic (found a jar in the fridge)
*oregano, salt, pepper, crushed red pepper
*can of lentils (yes, canned lentils)

can i just say this is one of the better pizzas i’ve made. who would have thought that a poor vegans pizza could taste so good. ha. it was awesome! i suggest everyone try adding lentils and minced garlic to their pizza. YUMMMMM.

check out my instagram: veganchefsteph to see the pizza video i made! 😉

so that was day four of my soy free adventure. i really haven’t been missing tofu, tempeh or seitan. i do have a few goodies in the freezer that are soy free… but i’ll save those for another day…


2 thoughts on “soy free day four

  1. Pizza for breakfast… I haven’t had that in a long time. That’s reason enough to make more pizza soon.

    I find that when you have to cook with what you have on hand, without going to the store, you get in a way more creative, more resourceful, and there is satisfaction in finishing up stuff in the cupboards that’s been there for ages.

    1. whenever i make pizza for dinner – the main reason is so i can have pizza for breakfast the next morning! i’m obsessed with cold pizza! and it’s a fairly new obsession! when i was a kid i hated pizza. i know… i’m weird!

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