day five…

september 05, 2013 ~ day five of my soy free adventure

nothing fun and exciting today. i worked all day. which means i grabbed pizza and was out the door. i brought some leftover baked fries from last night for lunch. those came in handy. i work at a restaurant on the beach and i can eat about 2 things on the menu. :/ meh! so most of the time i bring my lunch if i know i’m going to be there more than 8 hours!

for dinner i was too tired to create anything exciting. chickpea salad sammy it is.

chickpea salad sammy - nommmmm
chickpea salad sammy – nommmmm

i put it on some prairie bread from whole foods.. added some sliced tomato… yummmmmmmm. the chickpea salad has 2 cans of chickpeas, soy free earth balance mayo, raw onion, salt & pepper, relish & spicy mustard. i’m obsessed. i put chickpea salad on anything & everything. my favorite is melts though. i love some melted daiya on a bagel with my chickpea salad. so nom.

unfortunately i have to work all day tomorrow…and have plans after work. work a double saturday. work sunday. so i have ZERO time to get to the store for groceries. gah! nothing exciting until my next day off. at least i’m able to stick to this soy free diet. my skin has yet to clear up which concerns me. i realllllllllly don’t want to go gluten free. šŸ˜¦


4 thoughts on “day five…

      1. No no, I meant It is not good that I haven’t had beans or lentils in a long time! I’ve had tofu, tempeh, edamame and all, but not much of anything else lately.

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