day six !! !! !!

september 06, 2013 ~ day six of my soy free challenge!

today i started my day with my french press of coffee and a peanut butter / banana sammy. i use earth balance coconut infused peanut butter. oh my gawd it is amazing. one of my all time favorite products. smeared some on some whole foods prairie bread and topped with sliced banana. yummm.

breakfast sammy!
breakfast sammy!

for lunch i brought another sandwich to work with me. chickpea salad leftover from last nights dinner. i worked all day… AND i was able to stop at the store on my way home. yayyyyyy. smoothie stuff was bought! time to get my greens on! 😉

my afternoon snack smoothie:
green apple
black grapes
pineapple chunks
frozen banana
coconut water

miyagi wants some too! (grapes are poison to dogs - don't do it!)
miyagi is my very vegan pug!

i made rip’s sweet potato bowl from the engine 2 diet book. it’s one of my all time favorite (EASY) recipes! unfortunately when i stopped at the store today… they were OUT of mangoes. 😦 what am i going to do! meh! so my bowl consisted of sweet potato, red bell pepper, avocado, cilantro, balsamic vinegar and no mango. wah! it was still really tasty and filling though.

rip's sweet potato bowl
rip’s sweet potato bowl

i did go out tonight. i had 1/2 a drink and didn’t feel like having anymore alcohol. i’m really not much of a drinker / party animal these days. it took a lot for me to actually leave the house! busy day tomorrow…. hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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