soy free ~ day seven

september 07, 2013 ~ day seven of soy free

today was quite boring. i had my usual french press of coffee. i had a really delicious lunch at home before heading off to work.


i found these really awesome veggie burgers at whole foods… hilary’s eat well. yum! they are soy free which is hard to find when looking at veggie burgers and meat replacements. i baked them in the oven with some prairie bread that i smothered in cheddar daiya. added some avocado and sliced tomato and had some veggie chips on the side. YUM. that should hold me over until dinner! 😉 these veggie burgers ROCK! soy free for me!

for dinner i brought a pre-made publix garden salad to work but added some of my own chickpea salad. it was delish and hit the spot during my 10 hour shift. the salad came with lettuce, tomato, mixed greens, carrot, radish, and bell peppers. yummo.

and that my friends was my soy free adventure today. my weekends are spent at work… i wish so much i had more time to cook. hopefully tomorrow night after work! happy saturday y’all!



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