mY vErY vEgAn LiFe // **good news**

so if you haven’t heard already, i have a new serving job!!!!

for the past year i’ve worked as a bartender / server at a local restaurant where i could eat about 3 things on the menu. a side of steamed veggies, vegetable sushi roll or edamame. i mean even the miso soup had fish stock in it. i had to lie every day to every table about my “favorite” dishes on the menu that i’ve never even had before. it might not seem like that big of a deal, but i absolutely hate lying. and serving dead animal to people was just bad for my little vegan soul. i was miserable. don’t get me wrong. i ADORED my co-workers and managers and a lot of the regulars were super awesome too. but at the end of the day it just sucks to lie over and over again and be around people who don’t care what they shovel into their mouths.

thankfully i was hired at the ever popular vegan restaurant in fort lauderdale, sublime! today is my second day of training, but by sunday i’ll be taking my own tables! this is just my part time side job as photography is my main source of income these days. 🙂 {website} i’ve been thinking a lot about the difference it makes working in a vegan restaurant as opposed to a non vegan restaurant and here is what i’ve come up with.

top 10 reasons a vegan should work at a vegan restaurant
1. you don’t have to LIE to your guests “oh yeah, that steak is so amazing and tender!”
2. when you disclose that you are vegan, you aren’t asked “what do you eat?” or “where do you get your protein?” or “i’m sorry”
3. when you talk about seitan or tempeh people don’t look at you like you have two heads
4. YOU CAN EAT where you work! ((this is the biggest one for me))
5. it’s better for your vegan soul
6. discounts on dinner!!!! -score!
7. you are surrounded by compassionate people who have many of the same views about food & the welfare of animals
8. meet more vegans — co-workers AND guests ~ surrounded by veggie loving peeps
9. you don’t have to serve // see // smell dead animal
10. you can feel proud about what you do — especially since this particular restaurant is a non for profit — all proceeds are donated to animal charities!

i am so grateful to be working in a compassionate restaurant, where i can eat, speak freely about my food ethics and feel better all around. so if you’re in the fort lauderdale area come in and ask for me! ❤ vegan chef steph!

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