very bad vegan.

yesterday i had a bad food day. i gave into cravings and ate like crap. dill potato chips, cookie dough oreos (they weren’t that good so not even worth it) and desserts at work. so not good. when i woke up this morning i headed to the wilton manors farmers market for some veggies. i’ve been craving broccoli a lot lately so i must need calcium & iron. i’m honestly thinking i should start being accountable for my diet and start food journaling again. i wish i had more time in my days for blogging.

my breakfast juice consisted of organic farmers market carrots, celery, a mango, green apple. super delish.

just keep juicing
just keep juicing

for lunch i whipped up some mac and trees. gluten free pasta noodles with soy free earth balance, nooch, salt, pepper, roasted broccoli & some cheddar daiya. gluten free // vegan. it was delish. snacked on some pistachios this afternoon. hopefully i can control myself at work tonight.

mac and trees
mac and trees

i hate how some days all i want is sugar and others i wake up and want veggies. why can’t i just want healthy stuff EVERY day?!?!? no more junk food!!!!! hopefully i can start posting more food journal type stuff. i’m really getting fluffy. 😦


One thought on “very bad vegan.

  1. I love how green juice is what I crave after a bit of indulging! I definitely have good and bad days and try to eat as many veggies as I can when I’m craving them to compensate!

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