40 days.

hey it’s lent and i was baptized catholic. why not?! gluten free // wheat free for the next 40 days (and hopefully beyond if it clears up my issues).

yesterday i started my morning with a smoothie: 1 banana, 1 orange, almond milk. i’m trying out “orange julius” type recipes. remember that place?!?!? it was an obsession as a kid. loved it. for lunch i had a leftover chick-un salad.


for dinner i took my mom to udipi after seeing memphis at broward center. her birthday was last week and i had to work so this was her be-lated happy birthday dinner. she has had indian but never udipi. i’m pretty sure she enjoyed it. we ordered the samosa chaat (no yogurt), cauliflower 99 and the south indian thali which comes with a gigantic dosai! everything was delish. i’m pretty sure the ONLY wheat i consumed was the small pieces of samosa in that appetizer. the dosai is made with lentils so all clear there! udipi makes me so happy!

iPhone Photo


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