eat the rainbow.

i am super proud of myself. i’ve had breakfast every day since i went grocery shopping. i’ve been eating super healthy and making time for cooking. love it.

last night i made the broccoli & cashew cheese quinoa wrap from the oh she glows cookbook. i made a few minor changes.

i couldn’t find the recipe anywhere online and due to copyright laws i can’t post it here. 😦 and i didn’t take any pictures.

so it’s pretty simple. it has quinoa. it has cashew cheese. it has some sauteed onions & celery with seasoning. and i added roasted broccoli (instead of sauteed) because i love roasted broccoli. it was freaking DELISH. i’m addicted to her cookbook just as much as i am her blog. she makes being gluten free super easy & fun. my only complaint is the brown rice wraps i bought (GF & V) were disgusting. maybe i’m doing it wrong? I put them in the oven for a few minutes to make them a bit softer but that didn’t work. the wraps cracked as soon as i put the filling on them. 😦 oh well. it really doesn’t even need to be a wrap. you could just make a “bowl” of it. top the quinoa / sauteed veggies & then drizzle the cashew cheese over it. that works too. i didn’t care for the texture of my wraps at all. need to find some gluten free bread products that are VEGAN and taste better. cardboard just doesn’t taste good.

for breakfast this morning i made a green smoothie bowl. i had an acai bowl years ago for breakfast in new york and tried to duplicate it. (someone forgot to make the overnight oats last night) oops. so i made a green smoothie: spinach, frozen banana, fresh strawberries, blueberries & mango with almond milk. blend and serve in bowl. top with granola (still eating the granola i made earlier in the week!!!!) add coconut flakes & hemp seeds. give your tastebuds a party! so much yum! it’s almost similar to eating granola over yogurt. except it’s a smoothie. πŸ˜‰

mmmm granola smoothie bowl!
mmmm granola smoothie bowl!

for lunch i made the nourish & glow salad bowl ((RECIPE HERE)) from oh she glows blog! congrats to angela on her pregnancy! πŸ™‚ so happy for her.

i did not make the chickpea salad because i eat that entirely too often and i figured there was enough protein with my homemade sun dried tomato hummus, hemp seeds & the cashews in the dill dressing. i also added purple cabbage, golden beets, cilantro, and quinoa in addition to everything else on the list! this salad / bowl what-have-you was freaking amazing. so healthy. so yum. and really i had 3 dishes to wash (knife, cutting board and bowl). all you do is chop. no big thing. i made a small version for my mom in a mason jar (not pictured because she snatched it up before i could take a picture. πŸ˜‰ i also made a third salad for my late night after work dinner!

nourish & glow bowl
nourish & glow bowl

eating the rainbow is the healthiest way to live. this is a well balanced meal. every meal should be this colorful! i need to keep at this gluten free thing. my skin is better than usual (still not good) and my tummy hasn’t bothered me in days. interested to see what the doctor says when my health insurance kicks in this may.


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