happy thanksliving 2014

i can not believe it’s been six months since my last post. i am seriously slacking on this blog these days. so much has happened since may that it’s nearly impossible to recap.

  • decided NOT to move back to san francisco
  • moved out of my parents into a house in oakland park, fl
  • went back to an old office job full time
  • had several failed attempts at dating and decided i’m better off alone
  • removed several friends from my life ~ change is good & necessary
  • completely happy with where i am right now
  • experienced several months of extreme vertigo – diagnosed with bppv – cured
  • have been EXTREMELY busy with my photography business {steph lynn photo}


so since it’s my first year not living with my parents or my grandmother – i have a perfect excuse for a holiday feast. my menu was very similar to last year and i ran out of time to cook everything i wanted but overall it was a success. next year i’ll plan better and have my table set and start cooking a few days in advance.

here are some of the highlights from this years thanksliving….

spinach dip in prairie bread bowl with crudite
spinach dip in prairie bread bowl with crudite
miyoko's creamery cheese spread - DELISH
miyoko’s creamery cheese spread – DELISH

appetizers to nosh.

© steph lynn photo

this is my famous cornbread…. it’s going in my famous squash casserole. try not to drool. 😉

© steph lynn photo

i think this would be my favorite dish that i ever created. i veganized the boston market squash casserole recipe years ago and it’s been a constant at every holiday dinner. i’ve only known one person not to like it and she didn’t like squash, so she doesn’t count.

© steph lynn photo

my dinner plate
my dinner plate
one of our dinner guests!
one of our dinner guests!

cruelty free thanksgiving

apple berry pie
apple berry pie
pumpkin cheesecake BEFORE pecan topping was added
pumpkin cheesecake BEFORE pecan topping was added

most of the recipes i made can be found on last years post. i made the lentil mushroom walnut balls from oh she glows, fluffy mashed potatoes & mushroom gravy from post punk kitchen, shaved brussel sprouts from vedge, my squash casserole, sausage stuffing, coleslaw, etc. etc. etc.

it was a delicious evening and i can’t wait to finish all of the leftovers over the coming week. i’m going to also make the fall harvest salad i didn’t end up making and try my hand at making some pumpkin cronuts in the next few days.

i’ll be back soon. i need to keep up with this blog on a more consistent basis. hope everyone had a fabulous cruelty-free thanksliving. ❤

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