new year… new habits!

my weight fluctuates often. in the past 7 months i stopped riding my bike, quit the gym and have been working 2 full time jobs.
needless to say there is not much time for exercise in my chaotic schedule.
i eat very large portions, lots of oil rich foods and have a sweet tooth that i can’t control.
recently i started outgrowing my clothes.
i don’t mind being a little fluffy, but the scale told me i’m 152lbs. NOT OKAY.
i should be around 125-130lbs.
since my schedule hasn’t calmed down at all, i figured i would change my heffer ways and try to eat smarter.

to “shock” my system i decided to go two days with only fresh juices.

iphone photos












i juiced whatever i had in my fridge… carrots, beets, grapefruit, kale, spinach,  cucumber, tomatoes, ginger, pineapple, apples, etc.

48 hours of only fresh juices and water. i went from 152lbs to 147 in two days.
i know that weight could likely come back as soon as i start inhaling foods again, but i was excited anyway.
i don’t normally judge my body by the number on the scale – usually i just go by how my clothes fit me.

today i started the happy herbivore 3 day detox.
it eliminates oils which is something that interests me for losing weight and clearing up my skin.

i try to stick to the meal plan recipes as much as possible, but i did make a few changes.
instead of breakfast, i juiced some fruit and veggies. (missing out on oatmeal with fruit).
for lunch i had pumpkin chili (stuck to the one serving) and i was full.
by dinner time i was STARVED and night is usually when i overeat.
dinner was composed of a pineapple stir fry which i added carrots & celery to and also a side of quinoa.
(figured it was okay because i skipped the oatmeal this morning). dinner was DELISH. so yum.


the meal plan even includes DESSERT. yayyyyyyyyyyy!
roasted pears with plain soy yogurt, pecans, cinnamon & maple syrup!

roasted pears with plain soy yogurt, pecans, cinnamon & maple syrup!
roasted pears with plain soy yogurt, pecans, cinnamon & maple syrup!

it was amazing. day one was a success! no snacks. no cheating. i did good. plant proud.
i’ll be back again tomorrow. food journaling is necessary if i want to be accountable during this 3 day detox (then 10 day cleanse)!

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