fluffy vegan no more.

my scale reads 154.4
none of my jeans fit anymore.
my love handles pop out of my shirts.
nothing fits right.
i know what happened. it’s simple. i was working 2-3 full time jobs at a time.
stopped riding my bike. stopped going to the gym because well, when was i suppose to go?
and i never stopped eating.
i definitely skipped meals and relied heavily on comfort foods and easy stuff like mac n cheese & pizza.
just because i’m vegan doesn’t mean i’m healthy.
but now, having only my photography business to run and no other forms of employment… i do have time.
so i decided to reboot my system with the fresh start 21 meal plan by the ladies over at simple green smoothies.
i bought the materials months ago but never had time to prepare and cook all of the meals. it’s a lot.
but now is the time. i’m sick of being lazy and overweight.
time to get back my body. i’m determined to be fit and healthy.  

i’m so mad at myself that i’m publicly humiliating myself by posting the “before” photos. i’m holding myself accountable. there are ladies my age (36) who have had multiple children and are way hotter than me. i realize it’s not healthy to compare yourself to others, bodyshaming is wrong, blah blah blah… the bottom line is i’m overweight (for me) and i’m not comfortable in my own skin. and i’m mad at myself for letting it get this far.

and WHERE ARE THE BOOBS? i thought when women gained weight their boobs got big? that would be the one place i’d be HAPPY to have some more weight! ha!

fluffy no more. say goodbye love handles and flab. this girl’s on a mission! 20lb to lose.

iphone photoi did some very light yoga (still experiencing vertigo – meh) and stretching. i am soooooooooo out of shape. i’ve been exercising a little bit at home every day and plan on hitting up the gym soon on a regular schedule. giving up coffee for 21 days is traumatic enough so i don’t want to over do it just yet. i’ll do some kick-butt workouts soon….
  for breakfast i had a green smoothie. (spinach, coconut water, 1/2 avocado, 1 pear, frozen mango topped with hemp seeds) while i was enjoying my smoothie i read the news about the new supreme court ruling that marriage is legal for all. yippeeeeee ~ it’s a historic day. #lovewins such a proud day to be an american.
  lunch was AMAZZZZZZZZZING. such a yummy salad. i made a few substitutions as i was out of sunflower seeds (subbed almonds) and added avocado for extra heartiness. i’m obsessed with this salad. (spinach, strawberries, almonds, hemp hearts, mango, avocado with balsamic dressing)

i wanted to get a lot done in terms of meal prep today… snacks are super important. many times i forget to eat because i’m so involved in whatever it is i’m doing (shoots // editing photos // working on business stuff) so the snacks must be made ahead of time. i made these yummy fruit pops for the next few days. it’s also nice because the weather has been terribly humid and disgustingly hot already. fruit pops ftw!

i was FAMISHED by dinner time. i didn’t really eat anything in between meals today… i did make some warrior bars and beet hummus for the next few days though! tomorrow i’m PREPARED which is awesome.

iphone photothis chili was so tasty! i put it over a bed of quinoa. so so yum. and i have 2 more portions in the fridge waiting for the next few days. quick and easy! i’m loving this meal plan. my headache, not so much! the caffeine withdrawals are harsh. i’m currently sipping on some teeccino coffee (herbal coffee in tea bag form) with a drop of maple syrup and coconut milk. hoping it curbs the headache. the last time i gave up coffee for a week i lost almost 10 pounds. SUGAR is evil.

day one was a complete success. i would have liked to have worked out more, but baby steps. i don’t want to push myself to the point where i give up and just go back to my old habits.


6 thoughts on “fluffy vegan no more.

  1. Congratulations on making this step & motivating me. Looking forward to reading more about your weight loss journey.

  2. Congrats on starting a new way of eating! It’s def hard! I became a pescatarian over a yr ago & i love it! I’ve lost 40lbs by just watching what I eat, cutting back on junk food, & getting active! No pills or crash diets! You got this & you’ll love yourself even more!

      1. I wish I could go to Republic of V, it sounds like a fabulous place.

        I didn’t know about meaningful paws, thank you. I will most certainly order a shirt sometime, and maybe a glass too.

      2. yeah, i wish i lived closer to republic of v, sadly i was only on vacation (i use to live in the bay area) so i bought the jar along with half of the store! 😉 we need more vegan friendly places in south florida.

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