day two…headache city!

today was good…until it wasn’t.  i had my chia “overnight oats” parfait ready to eat in the car on the way to go kayaking. the recipe was a tad different so i subbed a few things. i love overnight oats! this was delish.   did about 2 hours of kayaking in hollywood (west lake park trails). that’s exercise, right? this was definitely my workout for the day. oy! i did AWESOME until i got out of the kayak…at that point i was ready to pass out. low blood sugar is scary. luckily i brought an orange, green grapes and some warrior bars i made yesterday.

 when i got home i was miserable. i took a nap for a few hours because my head hurt so bad. coffee withdrawals anyone? when i woke up i snacked a bit but i felt so sick i wasn’t hungry.

snacked on some beet hummus with crudités. yummy!
    i still wasn’t feeling like eating but i snacked some more. green apples and almond butter.

 i kept craving fruit (probably the headache / lack of sugar) so i made ambrosia from the fresh start 21 meal plan. super delish. that cashew cream though. yummmmmm! not much of a food day for me, but detoxing from sugar and caffeine will make you sick. hoping tomorrow is a better day.

*guess i should note* i’m also drinking TONS of water and i’ve also been drinking the teeccino herbal coffee (caffeine free tea bags). so i’m definitely hydrating! also taking vitamins – c and b12 every day.


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