Day five 

GOOD MORNINGGGGGGGGGG! i was so tired last night that i couldn’t keep my eyes open long enough to finish this blog post. so i’m posting day five on day six. oops! yesterday started out with a green smoothie. this one is called “tropical skin cleanser”. i prefer making my own smoothie recipes! 😉 i also drank my morning apple cider vinegar drink!  i was STARVING at lunch time. i decided to make the cauliflower “popcorn” that’s listed in the cleanse but i knew that wouldn’t be enough for a meal. so i improvised. used all cleanse friendly ingredients and made myself a bowl. he he. it was good! roasted cauliflower over quinoa, black beans, mango and avocado. SO delish!
    i had an afternoon photo session, stopped at whole foods on the way home for some staples i ran out of… by the time i got home, fed and walked miyagi, uploaded memory cards, prepped for dinner…. i didn’t eat dinner till almost 10:30pm!!! #photographerproblems !!! i ate a very small portion of the garden veggie stir fry from the cleanse. i added some pineapple to the mix just for fun!
 overall i felt WONDERFUL on day 5! i still miss coffee… and pizza… and tacos… every hour of every day, but my “fat jeans” are falling off of me!!! so that’s a start. i really just need to start working out on the regular and things should be back to normal in no time. i’m super proud of myself for going into whole foods and sticking to the plan. no candy bars, pretzel buns, pizza, etc. i haven’t cheated at all! okay well i did buy a coconut water that has coffee in it. (no sugar added – checked the labels). just in case i need a “pick me up”. i plan on drinking 1/2 tomorrow and 1/2 on friday.


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