Day 07 ~ week one a success!

woohoo! i made it a week without coffee or pizza or donuts or anything frozen! it was a lot of work in the kitchen but my tastebuds are totally happy! the scale is still at 150-152 fluctuating but i have high hopes for the next few weeks when i start more intense workouts…

i think i forgot to mention that simple green smoothies is having another 30 day challenge on instagram. every few months they do this. it’s basically just adding a green smoothie into your diet once a day for 30 days. so since i’m on the cleanse i figured why not. if you aren’t already following my instagram my handle is @myveryveganlife    day 02/30 i made my FAVORITE smoothie recipe. i tried to recreate a smoothie i had at merge in buffalo, new york. i think i added banana and spinach to their recipe. {spinach, coconut milk, cinnamon, maple syrup, fresh ginger, 1/2 frozen banana, fresh or frozen blueberries, 1 pear} it is sooooooooo good! i crave this smoothie all the time! yum.

  last night i soaked some chia seeds in coconut milk for this parfait. added some mango, blueberries, almonds and hemp seeds! yummmmmm. great breakfast!
 for lunch i wanted a salad but i was also starved. i topped my giant salad with the leftover hash cakes from yesterday. DELISH! i used a romaine mix because sometimes the baby greens are just boring to me. i like my salad to crunch!

dinner happened very very late tonight. i didn’t start cooking until after 9pm. i’ve been editing wedding photos for daysssss and i wanted to finish…so i’m eating now at 11pm. not the greatest time to eat, but i plan on being up a while. i made the lentil soup AGAIN and this time i added zucchini, carrots and chickpeas to the mix for a heartier soup. (also trying to clean out the fridge) i took a long hot bath while the soup was cooking, so i wasn’t able to lower the heat and i overcooked the lentils. i don’t think it matters, but i like seeing them and now they aren’t visible. oh well.

 i’m obsessed with soups lately. i still have enough ingredients to stick to the week one menu tomorrow and possibly even saturday. i am skipping 4th of july festivities this year, as i have a TON of work to catch up on. (7 clients eagerly awaiting their photos) no holiday temptations for me. i definitely don’t trust myself. so far i’ve been good with the grocery store, but put me in a vegan friendly bbq situation and it’s all over. ha. no willpower. i’m surprised i haven’t cheated with the coffee yet. (other than the coconut water but honestly i’ve been taking 2-3 sips a day). week seven was a success.


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