day 09 + 10

It’s hard knowing I’m missing an awesome vegan BBQ today because I have zero willpower around vegan junk food.    Morning green smoothie 🔼🔼🔼🔼🔼 happy 4th of July!!! 

 leftover lentil soup for lunch topped with avocado! Yummmmm! 


I caved. Had nothing left to eat and didn’t feel like grocery shopping so I grabbed a frozen beast burger, topped it with avocado mango salsa over a bed of sautéed spinach! Pretty yummy! This is my only cheat!!! To be quite honest I felt gross after eating it…. 

Not a very exciting day. I did laundry and edited photos all day / night! 

DAY 10:

Green smoothie {spinach, 1 mango, frozen green grapes, topped with hemp seeds, coconut water}


made a quick hummus before heading out for a newborn session… Many days my schedule is chaotic and quick meals like this are a must!

  Stopped at whole foods after my shoot for some items I couldn’t find at publix this morning! My camera bag needed a ride! 

  I wanted the stuffed sweet potato for dinner but none of the toppings were prepped so I sautéed some beet greens with garlic and topped it with that instead! Pretty tasty!


Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! 


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