Day 12

today I actually had to leave the house for quite some time so I brought a salad and smoothie to go for my day of picture taking. I guzzled my 8oz coconut water (with coffee) before heading out. 

it wasn’t so bad except for the first portion of the morning I was tormented by being in panther coffee (they are my local fave) 😭 💔☕️ very sad stephie!! 


Smoothie on the road… {spinach, pear, ginger, 1/2 banana, maple syrup, cinnamon, coconut milk and frozen blueberries}

 My morning snack: Trail mix I made last night from the cleanse menu…suuuuuuuper tasty! I added the dried cranberries and almonds to change it up a bit! 

One of the businesses I had to photograph was jugofresh in aventura…so I grabbed a smoothie while I was there! It was delish! I had the verano fresh: coconut water, pineapple, mango, coconut meat, date, spirulina!  

Perfect lunch on the go! Salad I prepped last night.

I got home around 3:30 and was EXHAUSTED. I haven’t been sleeping well at all so I took a nap. I’m starting to feel a bit run down so I’m listening to what my body needs and it needs sleep. No time for being sick!   

Leftover carrot soup for dinner.

I’m already getting excited for tomorrow’s meals….mmmmmm guacamole with crudités and raw tacos! Heck yeah!!!! 

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