Day 14

so this morning i had a consultation with a bride in miami. miami is not close to me, as i live in north fort lauderdale. long story short, the bride never showed. cue violin. that is not how i wanted to start my morning. on the way to the session i enjoyed another chia parfait. same as yesterdays! super tasty!   the consultation was at panther coffee in wynwood… I CHEATED AND I’M NOT EVEN MAD. i needed that coffee. i only used one raw sugar. it was worth every sip.
  on my way home from miami the highway was shut down so i had to take the turnpike which was also a disaster traffic wise. on my journey north my tire indicators went off telling me all four tires were flat. so i made a pitstop at my parents house to check out the situation and the tires looked fine. so i drove over to the dealership and got some editing done while waiting for my car situation to be resolved.

when i got home i was more stressed than hungry so i ended up going to a local coffee shop to relax and get some more work done on the computer. i had a bottle of water.

finally ate dinner around 7pm – made raw tacos again this time with romaine leaves – SUPER YUM! and added leftover guacamole and it was perfect!

  i had to meet with a friend/client who is staying at the beach down the street – we sat outside for 15 minutes catching up and in those 15 minutes i gained 20+ mosquito bites. no one else really got bit. WHY DO THE MOSQUITOS LOVE ME SO MUCH? my answer of course for everything is – because i’m vegan. cruelty free blood mang!   so this happened. after a horrible first half of the day my night really ended up super super awesome. got to see that friend. colleen patrick-goudreau commented on a photo i took of my pal in oakland, ca and then she started following me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dorky vegan girl is freaking out over here! night made.

i never ended up making a green smoothie and i definitely didn’t eat enough today, but tomorrow is a new day. at least i didn’t cheat food wise. 😉

One thought on “Day 14

  1. Oh, it must have been so upsetting when the bride didn’t show up. I would have been so mad.

    Mosquitoes love me very much too, but they love my mom too, and she’s not vegan.

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