day 15 – cheater cheater coffee drinker!

oops i did it again. i made a french press this time. i put a copious amount of unsweetened coconut milk in it and 2 raw sugars – it’s a BIG CUP. i miss the sugary-ness but i’m definitely using less and dealing with the bitter. i guess i’ve always drank coffee like: would you like some coffee with your sugar? bad habit. not doing it anymore.  good news: this morning i weighed in at ONE HUNDRED FORTY-EIGHT POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m back in the 140’s and i couldn’t be happier – i lie – i would be happier if i fit back into my jeans. not yet but almost.

i’m definitely on the right track. it’s crazy how your diet catches up on you if you aren’t eating right. and it’s sooooo much harder to lose than gain. 

Back on the smoothie train! Day 10/30. Another pineapple upside down smoothie.   Stuffed sweet potato for a very late lunch! So good!

a huge batch of kale chips for dinner. don’t judge me! dressed them with tahini and nooch before baking. awesome!

One thought on “day 15 – cheater cheater coffee drinker!

  1. Kale chips with tahini? That sounds brilliant.

    Congrats on your weight, I am jealous, hehe. It’s not really that I eat too many sweets, but rather because I eat a lot. Vegan food is so good.

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