day 16 – fresh start 21 cleanse

started my morning off with some iced coffee – I always have coffee ice cubes on hand. Add almond milk and sugar…delish.

My lunch:  

romaine base topped with:
cherry tomatoes
red onion
bell peppers
black beans
walnut “meat” leftover from tacos
and drizzled some mango dressing that I made! 1/2 mango, 2 tbs olive oil, 1 tsp vinegar, 1 tbs agave.

soooooooooooo yummy!

for dinner i had a few tbs of peanut butter. haven’t had much of an appetite since lunch!
i have a crazy hectic day tomorrow and have nothing prepped. UGH.
no idea how i’m going to swing it.

also, i did my meal planning for next week- i’m going off of the menu from the fresh start 21 cleanse.

i’m easing back into a regular diet. i’m still going to eat whole foods; nothing really processed.

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