Day 18 – the end

i’ve been too busy to blog so this was sunday’s food journal.
i had a baby shower to photograph so i stopped at whole foods on my way (i know it’s hard to eat at most parties so i eat before my events!) i swear my cravings are worse than a pregnant person! i grabbed a few random things that looked good and was totally good to go for the 4 hour session / event!    yummy slaw – no mayo but instead tossed with orange juice! lots of ginger so it was pretty spicy!
 so very random but when i opened the soup lid to see what the cabbage soup looked like, it totally brought back memories of my grandma cooking. she was Ukrainian and made lots of russian dishes – cabbage soup was one of the many. oh memories. this soup was super good. hit the spot.

for my morning sweets i had a raw tart. i love these things! so delicious!!!! and guilt free! i never feel bad snacking on raw desserts!


  i was starved when i got home and too tired to cook so i went to chipotle. not exactly cleanse friendly so today the cleanse is over…. i lost 8 pounds. i’m making healthier choices. i haven’t indulged in donuts, ice cream or pizza as of yet. trying to stick to a cleaner, healthier diet with less processed junk. we shall see. now i just need to find the time to hit the gym. i know as soon as i get into a regular schedule i’ll make it a priority. wish me luck!


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