hey there…it’s been a while! I guess my business has consumed every ounce of time and my silly vegan blog has been neglected….I am currently on an airplane headed to Chicago to visit my best friend and eat all the foods! So exited to see and feel and breathe fall. Florida lacks any kind of season other than “hot” so my sweaters and scarves will get some good use over the next week. I promise daily blog posts on my vegan adventures in the Windy City!

the past few months have been fairly uneventful…moved in with one of my best friends…slammed with weddings and family sessions so I basically edit 12 hours a day…..

Miyagi helped me pack!
Miyagi helped me pack!

I’ve been cooking here and there but nothing too serious… Went to a vegan potluck a few weekends ago and made my famous squash casserole….everyone seemed to love it!

Boston market squash casserole - veganized
Boston market squash casserole – veganized

A new bakery opened right around the corner from me…I wasn’t a fan at first but they serve panther coffee and their savory stuff like empanadas have me hooked! My only complaint is the glitter they use on the sweets…I’m just not into consuming glitter….

Parlour vegan bakery
Parlour vegan bakery

heres something I concocted a few days ago….

Experiments in the kitchen
Experiments in the kitchen

anyway, I’m going to put the iPad down and finish reading “will travel for vegan food”….✈️💟🙋🏽


3 thoughts on “update

  1. I hope you have a nice trip! Have you ever published the recipe for your squash casserole? It looks really good.

    I’d love it if a vegan bakery opened around the corner from my flat… but I’d be scared too, I’d be there way too often.

    1. The recipe is posted on this blog in a few spots. I don’t know if there’s a search feature but I know if you google “vegan Boston market squash casserole” the link will show up!!! 😁

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