Chicago vegancation day one

i love chicago.
i needed some fall in my life because, well you know, i live in the sauna state.
when i fly i arrive prepared with snacks well because hello, snacks!
this flight i nibbled on punkin cranberry chips and earth balance cheddar squares. YUMMMY.
also made a dent in WTFVF book i recently acquired. (love it!)

bumpiest plane ride i’ve been on in a while but the sunrise was beautiful! ❤

Yay! Landed safely and my best friend met me at the airport to help me on the trains/bus to her place! weeeee. on the train we saw that the highway was closed at every exit…i remembered my mom telling me President Obama was in chicago for a police convention of some sort… we saw the motorcade! what a way to start my chicago adventure! i love President Obama!

it’s so pretty! i am in you chicago. the leaves. *le sigh*

so i thought i was a pain in the ass for how i make french press coffee every day for last 10+ years but apparently i missed a step in my process. i guess i cheat with my *electric* coffee grinder. i guess the hipper way of doing it is using one of these manual coffee grinders? i have not yet read up on the reason for using it, but i will be mailing rachey an electric grinder for christmas because this thing is a pain in the ass and i think she’s getting carpel tunnel from it. her husband swears by it but he’s from canada so i don’t believe him.

coffee grinder

for breakfast snack rachey made me coffee (french press of course) and avocado toast. NOM.

when i was in LA two mays ago, i never made it to native foods because well… REAL FOOD DAILY was my obsession. i kept going back to try more things. so i found out native foods was in chicago and i was like – we have to go here.

i have to say the interior was cute. the menu was kinda small. the staff was super friendly. the one thing i wanted they were out of… and when we got the food i realized how much it reminds me of veggie grill. but not as good? i wonder which came first.


i ordered the chicken avocado blt thing and rachey ordered the baja tacos. both were tasty but again… i totally felt like it was a ripoff of veggie grill with less options. i dunno. i opted for a kale slaw instead of the seasoned fries (which i really wanted but i’m really trying to behave on this vegancation – i’m fluffy enough!)

everything was tasty but very fast food-ish.

a few hours after walking around the city / riding on public transportation we headed back to her apartment so she could cook dinner for the hubby. i love chicago life.

rachey is quite the chef. she made pasta with uptons naturals seitan chorizo *FLORIDA DOES NOT YET CARRY UPTONS SO THIS WAS MY FIRST TIME* she sauteed it with tomatoes, zucchini and onions and made the avocado pesto from oh she glows (i’ve never tried this and it was super delish).


day one was a delicious start to my chicago vegancation!

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