Chicago vegancation day 3-4

for whatever reason, i didn’t take any photos of our food on friday, oops!  we went to spin class at flywheel downtown. before spin class we ate leftover baked oatmeal with some french press coffee. when we got home from spin class we had an apple-almond butter green smoothie! so good.

not bad!disclaimer: i have not worked out in a very long time. i haven’t done spin in probably two years. i think i’ve been to the gym once in the past year. i am SO out of shape. so all things considered… i didn’t do terrible! i didn’t puke or fall off my bike so i would say it was a success! i need to add exercise into my daily routine for sure.

rachey cooked for dinner and made a delicious spaghetti squash lasagna with garlic bread and a spinach salad. so yummy! i polished off a bag of earth balance chips while i was waiting for dinner. *bad stephie* – hey i’ve been walking  everywhere and i did spin so i worked it all off!

while we were gathering ingredients for dinner at whole foods i saw some south florida pals on the cover of vegan health and fitness! so happy for john (bad ass vegan) and torre! congrats guys! 

saturday was made for brunch. chicago is probably one of my top favorite cities to experience brunch. handlebar does it everyday and they do it gooood. chicago diner does it. upton’s is new (at least to me) and they are definitely strong contenders for the brunch game.

upton’s breakroom is basically an adorable cafeteria style cafe located in the warehouse building where upton’s naturals products are created. so it’s like the “breakroom” for the upton’s employees. they have an employee meal of the day in addition to their creative menu. it’s not the easiest of restaurants to get to because it’s in the middle of a warehouse type district but the bus dropped us off literally in front of their door.

our party of three found a spot easily although there is only three small tables in their space. i ordered a side of bacon mac, loaded potatoes, and the breakfast combo plate.

bacon mac and loaded potatoes are DELISH.

happy halloweeeeeeeeeen!

© steph lynn photo 2015i loved my waffles, bacon, potatoes, mac and cheese… i loved almost everything. i HATED the tofu scramble. i eat tofu scramble all the time. i make it at home frequently. to properly get the right texture you have to drain the tofu. the scramble at upton’s was wet. it seemed like they took tofu out of a package and scrambled it up without draining it. it was disgusting. i like my tofu drained and cooked well. rachel and matthew didn’t seem to mind it but i couldn’t take more than 2 bites.

i didn’t want to leave without enjoying a meal so i ordered the bacon cheeseburger with a side of upton’s famous mashed potatoes. so so so so so so good.

© steph lynn photo 2015people on yelp have complained that the burger is too “seasoned” but i didn’t mind that at all. it reminded me of a wendy’s burger. the cheese sauce they have is amazing. the mashed potatoes were as good as everyone claimed. reminded me of isa’s simple mashed potato recipe with just olive oil, salt and pepper. the gravy was DELICIOUS. so glad i ordered and enjoyed my second meal. also glad i had two friends with me to help finish all the noms!

upton’s had soft serve which normally i wouldn’t order but they had a pumpkin mix in so i got the pumpkin shake to go. it was freaking amazing. best pumpkin dessert i’ve ever tasted.

all in all i enjoyed upton’s and would definitely go back. (i just wouldn’t order the tofu scramble). hopefully someday WHOLE FOODS MARKET in florida will get their shit together and sell upton’s naturals in the stores. right now our only option is to order online which is costly with ice packs and overnight shipping costs.

yes i understand halloween is for everyone. it is just not for me. it’s just another day. i don’t enjoy pretending to be something i’m not. i’d rather stay home in my pjs and watch a movie. and to my surprise my hosts were on board with staying in for the night. we ordered some vegan pizza’s from dimo’s – it took over 2 hours but we finally got it around 9:30pm! we ordered the philly pizza which was awesome. loved it. and the “spinach dip” pizza.

okay dimo’s if you’re going to call something a “spinach dip” pizza your customer’s will probably imagine a pizza with spinach dip smothered all over it.


it was a “deconstructed” “spinach dip pizza. it had spinach, tomatoes, artichokes and their vegan ranch sauce with some mozzarella cheese. NOT spinach dip. change the name maybe? i was disappointed only because i wanted some delicious spinach dip covered pizza! oh well. it was good but not what i wanted. and while i’m on my pizza rant – WHY IS THERE NO DEEP DISH VEGAN PIZZA IN CHICAGO? someone needs to fix this (and not just on wednesdays market 17 ahem).

the philly was so yum.

and i can’t order VEGAN pizza without a VEGAN brownie! it was tiny but SOOOOOOOOO good!

day three and day four were great for my vegan adventures. can’t wait for day five and six! still hoping to try the green zebra and i’d like to go back to chicago diner again… we shall see!


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